Scalable. Efficient. With high availability. Server virtualization has been a game-changing factor in the IT industry. The concept is evolving from a novelty to a necessity – you need it done and you need it done right. A perfect way to optimize your company’s server pool. Allow our expert engineers to take care of your virtualized environment. Use your available resources more efficiently, enjoy increased uptime and excellent controllability.

  • Scalability - growing with your business
  • A more efficient use of hardware
  • High availability
  • Flawless migration between servers
  • Upgrade without downtime
  • Uptime guarantees
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Make optimal use of your server farm

Make optimal use of your server farm

With a hypervisor and a virtual machine monitor, you can simultaneously run several operating systems on the same host, with different scale and purpose. Instead of investing in new machines for each new application, you host all your apps on their optimized VMs. Whenever you need more capacity, our experts translate your project on a more powerful setup, seamlessly. Our team’s mission is to support and upgrade your environment so that you focus on running your business.

Award-winning solutions

Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016

Easy backup and disaster recovery

With our masterful virtualization, the management of your server farm is way more flexible. When you need to add a new machine, your server can be cloned in seconds. No waiting, no manual setup. Virtualization lowers recovery time and leaves no space for human errors, guaranteeing you a stable environment during both minor and major changes. Achieving redundancy in large-scale projects, even for thousands of machines, is a piece of cake. If your server stops working, it is automatically spun up on another machine without any downtime whatsoever. For you, it is just business as usual.

Easy backup and disaster recovery
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