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Yesplan Customer Case

The SaaS platform Yesplan managed to conquer cultural centres as an ideal tool for the automated management of the back office. Managing the venues, scheduling the events, appointing staff, and even the drinks that performers expect in their dressing rooms: everything is managed and monitored using Yesplan. Including last-minute changes. The application is developed entirely in-house and therefore has very specific needs when it comes to hosting. Since 2011, Combell's experts have been providing genuine tailored hosting.

Yesplan's request

A skilful hosting partner to guarantee the reliability of the platform

In order for Yesplan to operate smoothly, it is necessary that all the people working in an organisation use this application. This can only be achieved with a license per organisation, not per user. Yesplan has an average of 10,000 end users, of which about 2,000 are online simultaneously. Moreover, access to the database, which includes 3.5 million events, must be fast, 24/7. And all this without having to worry too much about the hosting infrastructure, so that Yesplan can focus as much as possible on the further development of its application.

  • Tailored hosting, adapted to Yesplan's specific needs
  • Powerful servers so end users can get a quick response when searching the database
  • The platform must be available 24/7: during the day for administration, but also in the evening and at night, when events take place.
  • Fast deployment of additional servers for new customers with many end users
  • Yesplan also provides an API, and its connection to the customer's software often requires additional configuration changes.

"We develop Yesplan entirely in-house, which means it is custom development. Our IT needs are therefore very specific"

Our solution

  • A cloud platform with about twenty VMware virtual servers
  • Scalability: at Yesplan's request, new servers can be deployed immediately, in order to be able to handle the load generated by new users.
  • Combell's engineers ensure the right configuration, adapted to the specific requirements of the application, which is quite a relief as far as hosting is concerned.
  • Specialised account managers with a thorough knowledge of the specific features of the Yesplan application help the customer deal with new challenges and are also ready to draw up new road maps.
  • 99.99% uptime, guaranteed by the SLA

Why Combell, according to Yesplan

  • Direct access to the system engineers who manage the servers and take full responsibility for the configuration of the infrastructure
  • No worries about the infrastructure of the cloud environment, so Yesplan can fully focus on the further development of the application
  • Combell's experts also help with new challenges - as if they were part of the Yesplan team
  • Combell's infrastructure: back in 2011, it was already using SSD disks, anticipating future developments that Combell still considers to be of paramount importance
  • Guaranteed performance, 24/7: if one of the servers goes down, another machine automatically takes over thanks to the failover cloud system
  • Redundancy at software and hardware level
  • High-performance hosting in <@|infrastructure>state-of-the-art data centres, with advanced protection against both digital threats (DDoS attacks, hackers, etc.) and physical disasters (fire, power failure, flood, etc.)

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