Hosting that allows your SaaS apps and web apps to perform optimally

Always available, wherever you are - that is the kind of benefit that companies like to show off to promote their SaaS or web apps. But in order to honour this commitment, it is crucial that you team up with a reliable hosting partner. And Combell is definitely the right partner for this.

  • Maximum uptime for optimal availability
  • Scalable servers for reliable performance
  • Top-level security
SaaS apps and web apps

The challenges of SaaS and web apps: security and load

The days when we all had to install programmes on our PCs or laptops are long gone. And fortunately so, because now that we have access to high-speed Internet almost everywhere and that we also use different devices at home and at work, being tied to a single device is no longer an option. We want to be able to use applications whenever and wherever we want. And there is nothing more annoying than applications that suddenly stop working or load very slowly.

In order to guarantee a smooth user experience at all times, the server on which your application is running must therefore be constantly online, properly secured and able to handle traffic peaks. So, a hosting partner with the right architecture and expertise is hardly a luxury. Combell is the right partner for this: we help you find the best possible configuration beforehand and proactively make adjustments where there is room for optimisation. This way, we can solve problems before they even arise.

security and load

"The fact that we can rely on Combell as our trusted partner in Belgium, and that our users' data are hosted securely on Belgian servers, is one of the reasons why we chose Combell"

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Kevin De Wolf

Why host your SaaS or web app with Combell?

Maximum uptime guaranteed

We do our utmost to ensure that your application is always online. And if a problem does arise, we will do everything we can to solve it in no time. An overview of our recovery times can be found in our SLA.

We continually invest in the best hardware and software so that your servers are constantly online and scale up when necessary. This way, your application will never be unstable or – even worse – unavailable.

Security is a priority for us. Your SaaS or web app runs on one or more ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified servers. In addition, your code is fully protected against hackers, malware and other threats thanks to our secure connections and firewalls.

In addition to the SLA guarantee and first-class security, we automatically back up your application and data. This means you can rest easy: not a single piece of code will be lost, whatever happens.

With Combell, you sign up for the best service. We offer 24/7 monitoring and proactive support. Do you have any questions or need advice? If you call us, you will immediately be able to speak to an expert who knows your project well and who speaks the same language.

Let our experts guide you

Let our experts guide you

We make it our priority to ensure that your SaaS or web app is available and running smoothly at all times. That is why we keep a watchful eye on everything to do with its hosting.

Our experts will be happy to help you with the following:
  • A solution tailored to your SaaS of web app
  • Targeted advice and support
  • Continuous follow-up
Let our experts guide you

How do we work?

We provide you with a tailored service. To find the ideal solution for your project, we follow these three steps:


We learn more about your organisation, as well as about your needs. Together, we look for the ideal hosting solution for your project.


Once we have the solution, we get down to work. Our experts are there to advise and assist you.


Our helpdesk will remain at your disposal even after the implementation phase. You can contact our experts 24/7 for an answer to all your questions, in plain language.

Why do customers choose Combell?

We are more than a hosting provider: Combell is a partner that provides strategic input and helps you come up with the right hosting solution.

  • Personal advice on choosing the right hosting for your SaaS or web app

  • Robust, scalable and extremely secure data centres in the Benelux

  • Complete package for unmanaged and managed hosting, including monitoring

  • ISO 9001 and 27001 certified data security for the ultimate security


Would you like to receive a tailored proposal?

Are you looking for a real hosting partner, not just a provider? Come and talk to us: Combell will help you think things through and will be happy to present you with a suitable proposal.

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Siegfried Deleyn
Siegfried Deleyn Managed hosting specialist