RMDY, a specialist in innovative digital applications such as augmented & virtual reality, chose Managed Kubernetes hosting for the solutions it develops for its very diverse customer base.


RMDY Customer Case

Technology company RMDY's tagline is "We make our customers grow and glow by delivering new digital experiences". Companies that want to bring a product or service to market through digital channels, but do not know how to go about it themselves, can turn to RMDY. For this, the company puts its wide range of competencies at the service of its customers – content strategy, copywriting, user experience design, web applications, mobile and cross-platform applications. What makes RMDY different is its future-oriented approach: innovative new technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are used to create user interfaces.

RMDY's request

Reliable hosting for the innovative solutions RMDY develops, such as the virtual tour in the Interxion data centre, which also houses Combell's servers.

  • Neutral hosting to provide a solution to the multitude of requests from RMDY's customers, such as complex e-commerce applications, 360° videos and mobile apps
  • Quick processing of customer feedback to get their product to market faster
  • Ability to work with iterations to automate common features in the development process
  • A hosting provider that, depending on the solution, allows you to choose between complete outsourcing of hosting management and hosting managed by RMDY itself.

"Scalability, automation and availability are the key benefits of Kubernetes. Not forgetting security, because that layer is managed by Combell."
Our solution

Our solution

Managed Kubernetes hosting with RMDY retaining autonomy where desired.

  • Kubernetes is highly scalable, easily automatable, and solution uptime is always guaranteed
  • Working with containers helps save time and effort
  • Technology-agnostic approach: RMDY is not tied to one specific technology and can deliver the best possible innovative solution
  • If RMDY's customer also uses Kubernetes, RMDY can create the entire environment at Combell's and then transfer it to the customer via Docker.

Why Combell, according to RMDY

  • As a hosting expert, Combell helps RMDY and its customers think things through, in order to recommend the right hosting solution
  • Combell provides a personal, tailored approach. If RMDY wants to stay in charge of the hosting, it can. And if it wants all aspects of hosting to be handled by Combell, that is also an option.
  • Security fully managed by Combell
  • Hosting in data centres in Belgium that are highly secure, both physically and digitally
  • Solid guarantees of uptime (99.999%) and speed, thanks to strict SLAs

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