Gaming without lags

Custom hosting for every gaming solution

Enjoy incredible performance with a fully managed, professionally built hosting for every gaming solution, monitored by a support team that proactively works on improvement, maintenance and performance.

  • Tailor-made game server
  • Lag-free gaming experience
  • We go all-in on quality
  • Never go offline with your gaming solution, guaranteed
  • We are available when you need us the most 24/7
  • Premium protection against hackers and DDOS-attacks
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Hosting for the perfect gaming solution

No more lags, more fun

Perfectly secure

  • Keep intruders out of your game server hosting
  • Do not worry about DDoS attacks
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified provider!
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Perfect performance

  • A game server on premium hard- and software
  • No more lag thanks to a lightning fast internet connection
  • Hosted in Belgium and The Netherlands
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Always online

  • Thanks to our SLA guarantees
  • And 24/7 monitoring and proactive interventions
  • Extreme precautions in our data centers
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Support you can rely on

  • Talk to real experts to optimize your gaming server
  • We can even check your code to prevent problems while gaming
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Siegfried Deleyn
Siegfried Deleyn Managed hosting specialist