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iU Customer Case

iU.be is a parapharmaceutical division of Multipharma, a group that owns 250 pharmacies in Belgium. In addition to the 23 outlets in Belgian shopping centres and streets, the company also wanted to start a web store.

iU’s request

Hosting you do not have to worry about

“As a business, you do not want to worry about hosting. Therefore, you should better pick the right hosting partner right from the start.”
This is why iU.be went in search of hosting services that offer the following benefits:

  • Hosting for a secure and fast-loading website, so that the range of products (10,000 items) can be shown to visitors in a smooth, fast and clear manner.
  • A Belgian company with a good reputation.
  • Servers physically located in Belgium, for SEO reasons.
  • Easily contactable helpdesk.

“Combell is simply the best hosting provider. Everything works fine, and everyone – customers, IT department and management alike - is happy. Only good news!”

Our solution

Scalable cloud server

We offered them a scalable cloud, which uses extra servers when the company runs large-scale marketing campaigns.

  • With uptime guarantee, made possible by Combell’s extremely reliable infrastructure.
  • Service Level Agreements, specifically tailored to the needs of iU/Multipharma.
  • Fast loading times guaranteed by powerful SSD servers and optimised connections.

Combell’s assets, according to iU

Combell is Belgium’s most famous provider, which proved to be a reliable partner.

  • Fast loading of a range of more than 10,000 products
  • Combell’s rock-solid Service Level Agreements
  • Clear performance reports
  • A partner that is capable of taking care of everything that has to do with hosting

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