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DPG Media's comparison site Mijnenergie.be allows you to save money on your energy bill. Combell makes sure the platform never goes offline, even when traffic peaks.

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DPG Media Customer Case

Your current energy usage and the postcode of your home address are all the comparison site Mijnenergie.be needs to show you the most interesting products for gas and electricity. This tool developed by DPG Media can help you save up to hundreds of euros.

DPG Media's question

Worry-free online and scalability that accommodates peak loads is a must for Mijnenergie.be.

  • DPG Media's technical team wants to outsource and focus fully on the development of Mijnenergie.be.
  • A rapidly changing market, for example due to an energy crisis, makes this tool a hot topic. If the site gets a lot of visitors, scalability must handle that traffic peak.

DPG Media's question
For us, Combell is the best hosting partner that takes care of everything for us. Thanks to them, our own team can continue to focus on informing customers and allowing them to compare prices.
Our solution

Our solution

Managed cloud for their platforms including monitoring, scalability and high service guarantees ensuring optimal uptime.

  • Thanks to Combell's very detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA), the custom cloud infrastructure made available to Mijnenergie.be benefits from a high level of service as an additional guarantee.
  • Combell constantly monitors the platform and ensures vertical or horizontal scalability if the site requires it, e.g. when traffic peaks.

Why Combell according to DPG Media

  • DPG Media finds in Combell a reliable hosting partner that helps the company anticipate its needs, which has made DPG a satisfied customer for years.
  • The customer does not have to worry about keeping the platform online.
  • Combell offers long-term solutions tailored to your needs and wishes.

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Why Combell according to DPG Media
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