The ERP package used by garden and pet specialist Horta ensures smooth stock and customer management, as well as quick checkout at the cash registers of the Horta shops. Combell provides a private cloud and ensures stable connectivity.

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Horta Customer Case

Horta is a buying group consisting of more than 50 shops that specialise in garden and pet products. They use an ERP system called Navision for sales, stock and customer management. This system relies on Combell's private cloud.

Horta's request

Horta was looking for a solution in line with its own philosophy in terms of quality, experience and advice. The focus was on a stable and high-performance infrastructure, which contributes to a pleasant customer experience in the shops. With a view to the future, the infrastructure also requires the necessary scalability.

In terms of support and server knowledge, Horta was also looking for a reliable partner willing to contribute ideas and able to provide consulting services.

  • Performance and stability are key to a flawless and smooth customer experience, from order to checkout.
  • Support and consultancy are very important: server management is a very specific area of expertise.
  • Scalability is crucial: after the roll-out of the ERP package, various aspects will be further expanded, such as the back office and the web store.

A lady cashier scanning a product in a Horta shop.
"Even before we actually entered into a contract with Combell, we were already able to test the performance of our system on your infrastructure using a test environment. The results were quite impressive: we immediately noticed an increase in speed."
One of Combell's server rooms

Our solution

Combell provides Horta with a private cloud. This solution is fully scalable and consists of dozens of servers. The different shops are connected to the cloud through an MPLS connection.

Even before the implementation, Horta was able to test the infrastructure, in order to experience the (very positive) effect. When designing and setting up the architecture, one of Combell's account managers collaborated with our consultancy service in order to optimise both the infrastructure and the code of the software.

With our SLAs, Combell guarantees a quick handling of business-critical incidents.

Why Combell, according to Horta

Horta's philosophy is based on knowledge, quality and advice - three core values that the garden and pet specialist also shares with Combell. In the past, Horta had also already put its trust in Combell's hosting services for its website.

  • Combell provides fast and efficient support
  • Combell's cloud infrastructure ensures excellent performance and stability
  • Combell's IT consulting services and active collaboration are very satisfactory

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