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  • Tailored to your wishes and needs
  • Flexible enough to grow together with your business
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive support
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • DevOps collaboration for impressive performance
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
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Working with transactions every day, you need a secure hosting provider, capable of creating, maintaining and supporting a safe environment for your website and storage. Combell has long term expertise in handling sensitive data. The company maintains quality, guaranteed by the ISO 27001 certificate for management of information security. On every step on the web, your traffic is protected. All data is SSL encrypted. Foolproof network security, firewalls and password complexity are applied for every service. Wherever you choose to host on the globe, Combell offers you a security layer between your virtual machine and the rest of the world, easily manageable via your VDC – a customizable control panel, granting different levels of access to different teams or employees on your side. If security is of utmost importance to your project, we will offer you regular proactive security scans.

Secure web hosting provider
Handling high traffic is no joke

Handling high traffic is no joke

Once you have a peace of mind that all transactions going through your system are secure, your next care is not missing a single one. Times of high traffic are the ultimate test. If you have planned any big sales, viral or marketing campaigns, games and contests offering prizes, you are incentivizing your customers to interact with your website or app more than usual. That does not only mean higher than the average load. It means twice the frustration if something is not working.

Save yourself the trouble and prepare in advance. Combell investigates your game plan together with you – expected traffic and user behaviour – and builds a custom test for your environment. A simulation of thousands of users is pushed across your website to investigate potential bottlenecks, and general capacity. The result is a capability report with suggestions for adjustments.

Custom Backup

Good preparation is key, but when handling money, you need insurance. Combell houses its infrastructure in two high-ranking data centres in Belgium - in Brussels (Diegem) and Antwerp. Facilities guaranteeing you high availability (99.982% to 99.995%) and secure connection. And also redundant power supply and redundant network. While taking all precautions, we always recommend a backup solution. You decide on your own backup schedule. For important time periods, backups can be scheduled as close as 5 minutes away from each other. We offer you file level backups, backup of your databases and to regularly take OS images. Building transaction logs in-between to make sure not one bit is ever lost. Backups are stored securely off-site.

Custom Backup
International website

International website

No more excuses

In the digital world, there is no excuse to stay limited by borders, even for traditional, local businesses. Retail sales are no longer hindered by their location. All it takes is an online store – an international website. Secure transactions are available.

International delivery of goods and services is trusted by everyone today. The only boundary you have to overcome now is competition. Fighting for the customer’s attention means to be there fast, or, actually, be there first. Reach new markets and new heights in your speed by hosting your e-commerce site in every possible place in the world. As a member of the cloud Federation, Combell allows you to run servers in dozens of locations worldwide. Create a content delivery network to cache parts of your content and carry them to different points of presence – in multiple countries. When your website is loaded, the nearest server will respond, hence beating your speed records. Your new customers and search engines will love it.

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Perfectly secure

  • Hackers and spammers will never bother you
  • Full encryption of your data
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified!
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Outstanding performance

  • Thanks to close DevOps cooperation
  • With the best hardware and software
  • Tier III++ data centres in Belgium
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Uptime guaranteed

  • Always online thanks to our SLA guarantes
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive fine-tuning
  • Compensation for downtime!
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More than just a helpdesk

  • Talk directly to our experts
  • DevOps approach for a better match between your code and the hosting
  • Immediate solutions instead of buggy workarounds
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