Digital platform Helena supports healthcare providers with video consultations and secure sharing of medical documents


Corilus Customer Case

Every day, more than 40,000 healthcare professionals use one of the software solutions provided by Ghent-based Corilus, a pioneer in the digitalisation of the healthcare sector. In late 2019, the company launched Helena, a highly secure care platform for patients, doctors and other primary care professionals. When the coronavirus outbreak began, this application made it possible for doctors to have digital consultations via videoconferencing, to provide adequate medical advice, and to deliver the required medical prescriptions electronically.

Corilus's request

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the use of applications for general practitioners and on-call medical staff increased exponentially, as did the use of Helena. It was important to ensure that the various solutions remained safely available 24/7, now that public health was facing such a threat. In addition, the hosting must constantly comply with the strict eHealth privacy rules, and confidential processing and storage must be guaranteed. Fortunately, Corilus had made a timely transition to cloud hosting, which had to meet the following requirements:

  • A completely virtual infrastructure
  • Applications must be available 24/7, even when many users are connected to them
  • Medical information requires a very high degree of accuracy and confidentiality in its storage
  • All processing and communication of data must be secure and compliant with the eHealth guidelines

"Making our solutions securely available to our customers 24/7, even with increased use, is part of our DNA - and the IT infrastructure we have at Combell makes this perfectly possible."

Our solution

  • Managed hosting in the cloud so that applications remain available at all times
  • Constant monitoring to ensure that resources are added as soon as the need to scale up is detected
  • Applications are available 24/7, and users (doctors, pharmacists, etc.) can access the necessary data at all times
  • Medical information is stored in encrypted form
  • Data are stored exclusively in Belgian data centres

Why Combell, according to Corilus

  • Right from the first discussions, the people at Combell realised how sensitive the data that are collected and processed in our applications are
  • Combell guarantees that all data are stored in Belgian data centres, and that they are encrypted
  • Performance and uptime are guaranteed through strict SLAs
  • Combell's experts closely monitor the load on the infrastructure and take proactive action if necessary.

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