For a company like Pixee, which works with video streaming, a good connection is key to having pictures displayed on the screens without any problems. Our fast MPLS backbone and the direct connections with all other major Belgian players ensure the best service at all times.


Pixee Customer Case

Pixee makes your screen as interactive and functional as possible. On the one hand, the platform provides an ideal signage solution (in shopping centres or in traffic situations), and on the other hand Pixee brings all kinds of applications to your television through IPTV. People in residential care homes can use Pixee to watch TV, make video calls or check the daily menu, while screens in reception kiosks can be connected to meeting systems with Pixee to offer visitors a personalised experience.

Pixee's request

When it comes to video streaming, good connectivity is very important. That is why Pixee wants a guaranteed uptime for their cloud.

  • Scalability: when a new application is added to the Pixee platform, or when the number of users increases, it is vital to be able to quickly switch to a higher capacity.
  • Secure connection: when sending sensitive data (pictures, information, etc.), it is important to ensure that the connection is as secure as possible.
  • Uptime: it is important that images are displayed as smoothly as possible. That is why Pixee wants to rely on the best possible performance and guaranteed uptime.

Pixee is not a hosting specialist, but we can count on Combell to make our solution scalable and easy to maintain, while also making sure that it is always available.
Our solution

Our solution

With our cloud hosting and dedicated connectivity via our MPLS backbone, we provide a scalable and smooth solution.

  • Cloud hosting is highly scalable: when extra capacity is needed due to additional users or new applications, we can quickly scale up the capacity.
  • The dedicated connectivity provides a private connection via our MPLS backbone (Multiprotocol Label Switching). This is a large transmission line to which small networks are connected. This backbone allows for fast and secure data transfer, which is indispensable for sensitive information.
  • At Combell, we continuously invest in our capacity, which allows us to guarantee the best connection and uptime.

Why Combell, according to Pixee

  • As an expert in hosting, Combell helps Pixee come up with the best solutions to ensure the best service
  • Combell provides peace of mind. A team of developers takes care of all hosting-related issues, so that Pixee can fully focus on its core business.
  • Security is fully managed by Combell
  • Smooth images and reliable connection guaranteed
  • Strong guarantees on uptime (99.999%) and speed, thanks to very strict SLAs

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