Pixee’s interactive screens with dedicated connectivity

Pixee customer casePixee develops state-of-the-art technology that allows you to use screens in the most optimal and interactive way. Digital signage, watching TV, video calling... Pixee delivers everything flawlessly (and in a centralised manner) to your screen. And for hosting, this innovative company went for the reliable services provided by Combell!

Anyone who wants to imagine life without screens must have a wild imagination. You can find them everywhere – from your living room to your favourite clothes store. As Pixee wants to make the most of the screens that surround us, it focuses on applications that allow us to use them interactively. With its platform, Pixee provides easy digital signage, but it also controls the screens through IPTV. Kanaal Z therefore paid a visit to this outstanding company based in Beernem.


Clear messages and digital signage

Bert Vanhoutte from UCast/Pixee: "Pixee allows us to connect screens on virtual reception kiosks or in meeting rooms with meeting systems and other applications, ensuring optimal and interactive use of those screens."

Screens that use the Pixee platform can, for example, welcome you personally to an office building, and then guide you to your destination.

Anyone who has ever watched a football match in the Ghelamco Arena, for example, knows that he or she can get a drink during the game without having to worry about missing something important: the Pixee platform makes sure that the screens at the bar show the replay right after a player scored a goal. Although it is obviously more fun to jump for joy in the company of other supporters, with Pixee you will not miss a thing ;-).



With IPTV, Pixee allows you to watch TV, but you can also use all kinds of applications on your screen. This means your screen offers endless possibilities.

"With IPTV, Pixee ensures that people in residential care homes can watch TV on their screens, just like they would at home, but with additional services on top of that. For instance, they can view the daily menu or make video calls with friends and family, which is very important for them, especially during the coronavirus pandemic."



Video calling

Video calling is the latest addition to the Pixee platform. With the video calling feature, Pixee's main goal is to make life easier for older users. No more hassle with apps and devices that need to be charged: Pixee is an accessible way to record and end a video call with just one button. Since the elderly are more familiar with the remote control of a TV than with, say, a tablet, they find it much easier to use.

And, as an added bonus, staff in residential care homes no longer need to understand how all the tablets and apps work. With Pixee, they only have to master one system in order to be able to help their residents.


Providing a better service

When combined with real-time data, Pixee can also help local authorities to further improve the services they provide. Eli Peel (UCast/Pixee): "With Pixee, we want to combine data and make it available to see, but at the same time we want to use this information to interact with the 'viewer' of the screen."

The traffic management project in Roeselare perfectly illustrates this approach to optimal service provision: "There, we measured the traffic density using cameras, which transmitted the data – no matter how heavy the traffic was – to large screens on the outskirts of the city. This way, cars could be diverted when traffic was too heavy, or take the safest route to the city centre."



Combell makes the services available

For Pixee, it is obviously paramount that the platform remains accessible at all times. That is why Pixee chose Combell as its hosting partner. With us, the company can count on a secure and scalable IT environment that is available 24/7.

Wesley, our Chief Technology Officer, explains why the partnership between Pixee and Combell is a definite success: "For a company like Pixee, which works with video streaming, a good connection is key to having pictures displayed on the screens without any problems. Thanks to our investments on all fronts, we can guarantee that Pixee will get the best service on the market."


Since Pixee decided to use the cloud hosting services provided by Combell, the platform is now extremely scalable. When the number of users increases, meaning that more capacity is needed, Pixee can count on a quick capacity increase. This scalability is crucial for projects such as Pixee.

High connectivity

Wesley: "We at Combell constantly strive for an optimal network, with a collection of smaller networks that connect to a larger structure: a backbone. The investments made in our high-speed MPLS backbone ensure a smooth connection at all times. Pixee can count on us for a private network connection, with our dedicated connectivity."


"In addition, we also have direct connections with all the other major Belgian players. This means that the traffic from those Belgian players does not have to use the Internet, since it can use that direct connection. This way, all the data are stored locally, which is much safer and also better in terms of stability. All these measures ensure that Pixee's data are always sent and received via the fastest route. We take care of the security, the performance and the scalability of the platform, so that Pixee can fully focus on its own core business."

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