Backups of your hosting environment

Always prepared in case of emergency

Daily full backup

With VMware Consolidated back-up

Every day, we make a full backup (snapshot) of your hosting environment using Veeam. We also use Snapvault to make backups of NAS volumes and DPM/Legato for physical environments.

These snapshots are saved to an external storage device located in another data centre, so that you can have an offsite backup at the same time.

We retain this backup during 30 days so that you can restore files on your application without difficulty.

Databases and locked files included

Databases and locked files included

Thanks to application-aware backups

A standard backup takes no account of secure files or the data contained in your database.
If you want to include them in your backups, we can provide various solutions, such as a daily 'dump' of your databases, VSS...

We save these data in a secure folder that only you can access via a secure VPN connection. This way, all the data are encrypted if you want to read them, which guarantees optimal security!

Ready-to-use backups in case of emergency

Ready for disaster recovery

With our backup, not only can you restore a single file, but you are also prepared for a worst-case scenario.
In the event of a full system crash, we can use the backup for a superfast disaster recovery. For this, we start a new server with the most recent backup of your hosting environment.

If you want to protect yourself against the slightest data loss (even just a few hours), we can boost the capacity of your backup service with replication. This will allow you to have a perfectly synchronised backup at all times. The best protection against data loss!

Ready-to-use backups in case of emergency
What if the backup fails?

What if the backup fails?

In the event of incidents involving your hosting environment

If the backup of your server fails, our system administrators will receive an instant notification. They will inform you of the situation right away and will present you with two options:

  • Either the backup is started during the day
  • Or you can simply skip the backup and wait until the next night. In such an exceptional case, your backup is no more than 48 hours old.

The time necessary to make a backup strongly depends on the amount of data and the number of files on your hosting environment. Snapshot technology allows to reduce this duration (RTO) to a minimum.

How much does downtime cost your company?

Backups are important to keep downtime as short as possible. Because every minute spent offline has a financial impact on your organisation.

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