Cloud replication

Protect yourself against a digital disaster

Do you have a business-critical application that should always be available, even in case of unforeseen problems or overload? Cloud replication allows you to create a clone of your environment to which you can seamlessly switch if necessary. This is how high availability is guaranteed, whatever happens.

  • Seamless failover in case of failure, ensuring high availability
  • Traffic distribution across 2 or more identical servers for optimal load balancing
  • Continuity guaranteed thanks to automatic failover
  • Designed to withstand the heaviest load
Cloud replication
How does cloud replication work?

How does cloud replication work?

We synchronise your online servers with a different, equally powerful and secure data storage space. Thanks to a secure connection between your databases and their copies, your information is replicated in the background. This allows you to switch from one system to another without losing any data or transactional information. Or better yet, you can even enable both servers simultaneously using load balancing. This way, your system will never overload.

The ultimate solution for critical applications

Perhaps the most important benefit of cloud replication is that it ensures that your most critical applications and systems remain online and operational, no matter what happens. If your server unexpectedly encounters problems, automatic failover ensures that your systems immediately switch to the other location. Do you need extra coverage? Then, we will ensure that replication occurs in a completely different data centre, providing the ultimate redundancy.

The ultimate solution for critical applications

The benefits of cloud replication

  • Always online

Cloud replication ensures that you always have a second, identical server ready to take over. This means you can be sure that your systems will automatically stay online and that your data will always be available, even in the event of overload.

Cloud replication is not only a smart choice when there is a constant heavy load. It is also a great solution to handle peak loads, like those encountered by popular web stores that need to be ready to handle countless visitors during the sales.

Since you have two identical servers, you can always rely on at least one of them. Especially if you choose to host one of the two in another data centre for extra protection.

The greatest thing about cloud replication is perhaps that you do not have to take any action yourself. If necessary, your systems automatically switch to the clone, without causing downtime or data loss. If guaranteed uptime is an absolute requirement, cloud replication with automatic failover is the best solution.

Are you concerned about data leaks? Do not worry! Combell only uses strictly encrypted connections. This way, your data are protected at all times, no matter what happens.

Let our experts guide you

Let our experts guide you

We take your business as seriously as you do. That is why we keep an eye on every aspect of your hosting.

Our experts will be happy to help you with the following:
  • Choosing the right cloud solution for your business
  • Managing the migration of your systems to the cloud
  • Tailored advice and monitoring
  • Maintenance and monitoring of your cloud environment
Let our experts guide you

Why Combell?

Combell ensures that your cloud environment is secure, efficient and reliable, no matter what happens. Here is how we achieve this:

  • Your replications are always perfectly synchronised

  • The best load balancers to get the most out of your cloud replication

  • Fully redundant private connections between multiple data centres

  • The strongest security measures on the market


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