Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Go for the best uptime guarantees and the fastest performance thanks to Border Gateway Protocol. This technology allows the traffic directed to your application to automatically pick the fastest and most secure path.
BGP technology allows you to switch to a live backup (kept in another location) without causing any downtime in the event of a problem. It also helps withstand DDoS attacks.

  • Your guarantee for the highest uptime
  • Always the fastest route to your application
  • Perfectly synchronised backup in another data centre
  • Switching to a backup without causing downtime
  • Helps withstand DDoS attacks
  • Fully customised by our engineers
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Live backup in multiple data centres

Live backup in multiple data centres

High availability is guaranteed thanks to the combination of multiple locations and the correct use of the Border Gateway Protocol.
Your data are then synchronised live across multiple locations. This way, you are protected against downtime when a disaster occurs during maintenance or an upgrade at the original location. Thanks to BGP, the traffic directed to your application is automatically redirected to a replica in another location.

The best guarantee in the event of a DDoS attack

The Border Gateway Protocol is also used to route your traffic through a powerful, intelligent filter in case of a DDoS attack.
If our monitoring systems detect unusually high traffic directed towards your application, we first redirect all that traffic to a filter, NaWas, where malicious traffic is blocked, which allows your application to continue to run as normal during such a DDoS attack. Legitimate traffic continues to reach your website or application.

The best guarantee in the event of a DDoS attack
The best guarantee in the event of a DDoS attack

The fastest route to your application

BGP can handle a few hundreds of thousands of active routes. This is essential for optimum access to applications that must be available to the entire Internet. BGP is therefore a de facto standard for all transit providers. Combell manages its network itself on the level of routing and has perfect knowledge of BGP and many other routing protocols.

At any given time, and for each individual route, BGP searches for the fastest available link. BGP bases its routing on the fastest possible path and thus the lowest amount of ‘hops’ or intermediate points in order to reach its final destination. The routers permanently report which underlying systems are available via their route. When a route suddenly becomes unavailable, or when a faster route appears, the neighbouring routers will automatically pick the other route.

Alternatives like DNS-based redirection are bound to very short TTL (time-to-live) values, which causes excessive load on your DNS servers. Moreover, you have no guarantee whatsoever that all other DNS servers will respect these TTL values. Updates are therefore not automatically taken into account everywhere in the world. BGP offers a solution to this problem and guarantees that all updates are immediately taken into account, anywhere in the world.

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