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With an SSL certificate, your website can be served over an HTTPS connection and a small padlock is displayed in browsers. This results in more trust from your visitors and higher rankings in Google.

  • HTTPS + Padlock
  • Higher rankings in Google
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Secure HTTPS connection

Secure HTTPS connection

An SSL certificate encrypts all communication with your website. You do not use the standard HTTP protocol, but HTTPS with the 'S' standing for security.

Leave hackers with no chance

With an HTTPS connection, hackers are left with no chance of stealing sensitive data such as login or payment details.

Required by the GDPR

That protection allows you to become GDPR proof. For that matter, HTTPS is mandatory when sending personal data.

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Secure HTTPS connection

An SSL certificate allows you to build trust with your visitors

No marking as "not secure"

Browsers mark websites that do not use an SSL certificate as "not secure".

Padlock in browsers

If you have an SSL certificate, your website displays a small padlock to show that you are using HTTPS.

Inspire trust and sell more

Visitors who trust your website are going to order more, request quotes, fill in forms, etc.

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Three good reasons to buy an SSL certificate from Combell

  • Help with the installation

    Our support team is available 24/7 and will provide you with free assistance in installing your SSL certificate.

  • Free reissue in case of loss

    If you lose the details of your SSL certificate, we will resend them to you at no extra cost.

  • Not satisfied? Get your money back!

    Not satisfied? You can request a refund within 3 months after purchase. So there is no risk involved.

    Money-back guarantee

Which SSL certificate do I need?

Buy an SSL certificate that best suits your website or app

For private or business use? Determine which SSL validation you need

Private individuals and associations

   SSL certificate with domain validation

Your visitors enjoy a secure connection, your website displays a padlock and you get a higher ranking in Google.

Order an SSL certificate with domain validation

Companies and web stores

   SSL certificate with organisation validation or extended validation

With such an SSL certificate, we integrate your company details into the certificate. This allows visitors to find out which company is behind the website.

Order an SSL certificate with organisation validation or extended validation

Your domain names determine the type of SSL certificate you need

A single domain name?

A single domain name?

   Standard SSL certificate

A Standard SSL certificate secures a single domain name (with and without www in front of it).

Standard SSL certificate


  • ...
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Multiple domain names?

Multiple domain names?

   Multi-domain SSL certificate

By default, a Multi-domain SSL certificate secures 3 domain names belonging to the same owner.
As an option, you can increase this number.

Multi-domain SSL certificate

Example:, and

  • ...
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Lots of subdomain names?

Lots of subdomain names?

   Wildcard SSL certificate

A Wildcard SSL certificate secures your domain name, as well as all subdomains. Ideal if you use subdomains for different parts of your website / application.

Wildcard SSL certificate


  • ...
Order a Wildcard SSL certificate

Switch to a website secured by an SSL certificate right away

  1. Choose your SSL certificate and domain name
  2. Complete your order
  3. We validate your (company) details
  4. After validation, you will receive your SSL certificate
  5. Install your SSL certificate and your job is done!
  • HTTPS + Padlock
  • Higher ranking in Google

Frequently asked questions about SSL certificates

Choosing the right SSL certificate depends on your situation. Roughly speaking, you have two options.
  1. Either you are a private individual and mainly want a secure website. In that case, all you need is an SSL certificate with domain validation.
  2. Are you a company or do you carry out commercial activities? Then you should go for an SSL certificate with extended validation. Your company details will then be included in your SSL certificate. This will allow visitors to find out all about the company that is behind the website, which will inspire more trust and boosts your sales.
For a web store, it is important to build as much trust as possible with your visitors. They need to know that they are dealing with a reliable company and that everything happens in a secure environment, which is why an SSL certificate with domain validation is not enough. For a web store, it is important that the company details are integrated in the security certificate. So make sure to choose an SSL certificate with extended validation for your web store. This will help your web store achieve a 15% increase in sales!
An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital security certificate that provides a secure connection between your visitors' browsers and the server that hosts your website. It encrypts all data being sent, such as passwords, contact details, payment details and other sensitive information. This makes it harder for hackers to intercept or steal those data.

Simply put, an SSL certificate is a kind of padlock on your website that makes it safe for your visitors and makes it look trustworthy. The small padlock displayed in the browser bar or "https" immediately indicate that the website uses an SSL certificate and is therefore secure.
The cost of an SSL certificate varies depending on the type of SSL certificate you have chosen and the domain names for which it is used.

For a cheap SSL certificate, it is best to choose an SSL certificate with domain validation that is valid for a single domain name. SSL certificates with more extensive validation (organisation validation or extended validation) cost more money.

The price also increases if your SSL certificate is valid for multiple domain names or subdomains.
Sectigo is Combell's SSL provider. Sectigo is a respected company that specialises in Internet security.
With an SSL via Sectigo, you choose for:
  • Continuous investment in better security
  • Comprehensive compensation if things go wrong
  • 90 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Free reissue if you make a spelling mistake or lose the SSL certificate
Find out more about Sectigo
Cheap SSL certificates (e.g. a free SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt) have some shortcomings compared to the more expensive ones.

Cheap SSL certificates do not allow for extensive validation, meaning that company details cannot be included in it. Therefore, your visitors will trust you less. And limited trust means limited sales, which is why web stores should avoid using cheap SSL certificates at all costs. An SSL certificate with extended validation guarantees at least 15% more sales.

A free SSL certificate such those issued by Let's Encrypt is only suitable for a website. For file servers, apps, e-mail and the like, you need a paid SSL certificate.

You cannot use a Wildcard SSL certificate for all your subdomains either. So here too, a premium certificate (such as that with extended validation) is recommended.

With a cheap SSL certificate, you cannot add the Sectigo Trust Seal to your payment page either. By adding their label, your visitors will trust you more.

If you use a free SSL certificate, you will not receive any compensation in case of abuse.
Applying for an SSL certificate is a piece of cake. Start by submitting your application via our website and we will take care of the rest. Depending on the type of validation you choose (domain validation, organisation validation or extended validation), your request will be processed immediately or your company will be vetted shortly afterwards.

This vetting is necessary for organisation validation or extended validation to ensure that the company making the request is completely legitimate. Only then can the company details also be included in the certificate.

In order to install an SSL certificate on our Windows web hosting, you must have a static IP address. This option will cost you 50 euros a year.

Good to know: this is not required with our standard web hosting packages.

Professional advice on SSL certificates?

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