Our customers get a discount: use SimplyBook.me as reservation system on your website

  • 22 May 2024
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Online booking or scheduling an appointment via your smartphone. We're all doing it, so your website shouldn't lag behind. Explore the possibilities of SimplyBook.me, an all-in-one reservation solution. Combell customers receive a 20% discount on the tool.

Good news! The reservation system SimplyBook.me has joined team.blue, the hosting family that includes Combell. This isn't just exciting, but also beneficial. 😊 Because of this, Combell customers can use SimplyBook.me at a discounted rate.

Our customers receive a 20% discount on the reservation system! Activate the discount in your control panel:

Exclusively for Combell customers

Get to know SimplyBook.me

We don't just offer discounts; we also want to tell you why SimplyBook.me is an incredibly handy booking system.

The biggest advantage of SimplyBook.me? Without a doubt, it’s the complete package the tool offers. It’s a comprehensive solution for bookings and reservations on your website.

Customers can easily and quickly make reservations and bookings, while you can follow up and process all reservations on the other side.

You can manage this via your laptop or PC, as well as through the convenient SimplyBook.me app. All reservations and appointments can be synchronized with your professional or personal calendar.

This way, you not only maintain an overview of who is coming when, but you also avoid double bookings or reservations during your vacation.

Did you know...

SimplyBook.me, like Combell, has an ISO 27001 certification? This means that the system handles information management securely. Your data is in safe hands!

Exclusively for Combell customers

Discover all features of SimplyBook.me

Take managing appointments to a new level with SimplyBook.me
Take managing appointments to a new level with SimplyBook.me

Suitable for any profession and/or website

Whether you're a yoga instructor, barber, hairdresser, or run your own lunch bar or B&B, SimplyBook.me adapts to your profession and/or website. This means you can accept and process reservations for restaurant visits as well as scheduled yoga classes. You can even utilize a membership or ticket system.

Accept bookings 24/7 via multiple channels

Customers can place reservations anytime and anywhere. SimplyBook.meintegrates with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, your Google Business profile, and of course, your website.


You can launch a personalized customer app with SimplyBook.me! This allows your customers to make, reschedule, and cancel appointments more easily, enhancing your brand's visibility.

Start a waitlist

Busy times? Is your schedule fully booked? Start a waitlist for customers to sign up. When a spot becomes available, those on the waitlist get notified immediately.

Send reminders

Avoid 'no shows' at the hairdresser or restaurant. Use SimplyBook.me to send reminders to those with ongoing reservations or bookings. This way, you can avoid empty chairs or wasted food. You can go as far as sending personalized SMS or email reminders or messages reminding customers to book a new appointment.

With the WordPress plugin you integrate SimplyBook.me flawlessly into your website
With the WordPress plugin you integrate SimplyBook.me flawlessly into your website

Reward loyal customers

Customers who frequently make reservations or schedule appointments deserve special treatment, right? That’s why you can use the reservation system to send discount codes and gift certificates. This way, you ensure your customers remain satisfied and loyal.

Your own design

You can easily add SimplyBook.me to your (WordPress) website using the SimplyBook.me plugin. This not only means there will be no technical issues but also that you can fully customize and redesign the reservation system to perfectly match the look and feel of your website.

Exclusively for Combell customers

The Features of SimplyBook.me explained in 2 minutes:

Try for 14 days free

To be honest, we could keep listing the advantages for quite a while. If you want to use SimplyBook.me but are still in doubt, you can try the tool for free for 14 days before making a purchase.

If you decide to buy and you're a Combell customer, you will receive a 20% discount on SimplyBook.me! Claim your discount through our control panel.