Boost your sales with an efficient and reliable web store

Every year, we hear that we are buying more and more online. Belgium now has millions of online shoppers. A reliable, secure and efficient e-commerce solution is therefore vital for your business! Are you searching for a partner to help you start a small-scale web store? Or do you need an expert in large-scale e-commerce hosting? In either case, Combell is there for you.

  • An e-commerce solution that grows with your business
  • Always online, even when traffic peaks
  • Secure online transactions thanks to strongest security measures
Support team managed services

Boost customer satisfaction with smooth online sales

Keep your customers happy by providing them with an enjoyable online shopping experience. Ensure fast loading times thanks to our optimised features, such as superfast SSDs and caching. Create a safe shopping environment thanks to our ISO-certified security measures and SSL. But the best part is that your e-commerce solution will always be online thanks to our solid SLAs. That is how we keep you and your customers happy!

Boost customer satisfaction with smooth online sales
Handle traffic peaks without any problems

Handle traffic peaks without any problems

With Combell's servers, you are prepared for anything, including the highest traffic peaks. This way, your customers are never left out in the cold and your web store is always up to date. Even during busy periods, such as sales or major promotional campaigns. In order to guarantee your performance, our experts even dive into the code to make your e-commerce solution faster - if you so wish, of course!

The baby's corner

“Growth is a challenge to your customer experience. When you sell online, your success should not become an obstacle.”

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The baby's corner

Sonia Pypaert
Founder & managing director

The benefits of managed hosting for e-commerce

Increase your sales capacity

Reach more customers and boost your business with an online outlet. Is your business growing? Then, your web store and your infrastructure will simply grow accordingly!

It goes without saying that you want to offer your customers a secure e-commerce environment for their transactions. Combell helps you provide them with a flawless online shopping experience, with secure payments and superfast loading times!

Do you want to expand your web store or redesign it? We help you expand your online business by providing you with practical advice and technical support.

Do you have a pressing question or an urgent problem? Our support engineers are available to help you day and night with proactive support, monitoring, updates, patching and, if necessary, backup infrastructure.

Managed hosting comes in many shapes and sizes. Do not waste your precious time looking for a specific package, as Combell will help you find the right one.

Would you like to receive a tailored, no-obligation proposal right away?

Why choose our e-commerce hosting solutions

We respect your budget and timing

Magento experts

A world-wide most popular e-commerce platform, Magento is a powerful but requiring tool. And we know just what it needs to run as a well-oiled machine. Setup, optimization and support for Magento are skills we have developed and enriched through years of experience.

Uptime guarantee

With 24/7 monitoring, you will always be there for your customers to offer them what they need when they need it. As soon as there are any signs your website might fall off the grid, we take proactive measures against any threat (hacking, phishing, defacing, denial of service attacks). We have years of experience to tackle any issue.

Secure data and transactions

In E-commerce, the importance of security can never be underestimated. With administrating both personal data and payment transactions, the business requires high security guarantees. We can be your all-inclusive solution to protect your data (encryption, firewalls, monitoring, balancing and more). We have it all.

ISO 27001 certified provider

The hardest commodity to sell through your website is trust. We know very well it takes time to earn. Inspire confidence in your customers by hosting your site via a ISO certified provider. Show them right away you would never settle for less than the best.

Let our experts guide you

Start your own web store

Are you looking for a reliable hosting partner that knows the tricks of the trade? We will be happy to share our expertise with you, so that you can carry on with your work without any worries.

We will be happy to help you:
  • Tailored hosting solutions for e-commerce
  • Our SLAs allow you to stay online, whatever happens
  • A user-friendly web store with fast loading times
  • 24/7 monitoring, proactive support and personalised advice
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • Belgian market leader for more than 20 years
Start your own web store

How do we operate?

Our projects are tailored to your needs. However, we invariably follow these three steps:

We get to know you

We learn more about your organisation, as well as about your business and e-commerce needs. Together, we look for your ideal hosting solution.

Ready, set, go!

Once we have found the ideal solution – in consultation with you, of course – we will start making the project a reality. Our experts will then relieve you of all your worries and, if you so wish, they will also take care of the migration process as well as the management of your servers.

Customer care

Even when everything has been settled, you can still turn to our support. Our experts are available 24/7 to answer all your questions, in your own language. Because you are more than just a number: every customer is like a partner to us.

Why Combell?

We are more than just a hosting provider: Combell is a partner that provides strategic input and helps you come up with the right solution for your project.

  • Personal advice in choosing the best hosting solution for your web store

  • Robust and extremely secure data centres in the Benelux

  • Complete package for managed hosting, including maintenance, updates and monitoring

  • ISO 9001 and 27001 certified data security for the ultimate security


Are you ready to build a web store or to take your e-commerce to the next level?

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