The Combell Network

The beating heart of our hosting

The connection between our data centres

And with the Internet

Thanks to our fibre-optic network, our various data centres in Belgium and the Netherlands are connected and combined into one logical network.

Via different points, it is connected to the Internet. Via Amsterdam, there is even a direct connection to America. This way, you can benefit from the fastest connection to the Internet - everywhere.

Our network also allows us to handle incidents occurring in data centre A via data centre B, without you experiencing any inconvenience.

The connection between our data centres
Speed guaranteed

Speed guaranteed

Thanks to a 100 Gbps network

Our 100 Gbps network was designed by Juniper certified engineers and makes use of 'Laser Multiplexing' so it can always offer enough bandwidth. As a result, your application is faster than ever.

Thanks to BGP technology, your data traffic always chooses the fastest route. Fast performance guaranteed!

Thanks to our vast network, we can even withstand DDoS attacks while still guaranteeing the highest speed levels.

Prepared for emergency situations

Thanks to various precautionary measures

Combell’s multi-data centre approach allows us to offer high availability guarantees. Since all our data centres are connected to a vast network, we can easily handle incidents involving a cable or the data centre, without you experiencing any trouble.

  • Each data centre is connected to at least two other data centres
  • Multiple connections with the Internet
  • Storage traffic and access traffic are separated

Thanks to these precautionary measures, we are prepared in case of emergency! When, in July 2017, fibre-optic cables were damaged during roadworks, many Belgian websites experienced serious problems. But our customers did not, because we have several fibre-optic cables available.

Prepared for emergency situations

Resistant to DDOS attacks


DDoS attacks can cause congestion in smaller networks, as happens on highways during the morning rush hour. But our network is able to handle all that traffic, as if the highway suddenly had 100 lanes. And as soon as we detect the attack, we also take action to block all that "polluting" traffic. That way, your website will continue to run smoothly!

NAWAS Optional

We do an extra check, and we filter for good visitors who were wrongly blocked. They get to your website or application without any problems.

AKAMAI Optional

An even greater control of blocked traffic to make sure no one is banned improperly. Only possible in combination with a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

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