Web acceleration

Amaze your customers, your partners and your competition with incredible performance. To ensure your customers get the best user experience, you need a website that loads in no time. Sites that load faster are more popular than those that are slow. And to ensure customers choose your website instead of the competitor’s, an investment in dynamic web acceleration is always a good choice. By using this feature, you get the maximum benefit from the existing infrastructure. Your business gets the optimal support even at rush hour.

  • Reduced traffic over the network
  • Minimum load on the servers
  • No unexpected costs
  • Dedicated resources with the best hardware
  • Website speed optimization
  • Caching knowledge
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Fasten your seatbelts

Fasten your seatbelts

Web acceleration allows for optimal support of your business – optimizing your resources by decreasing the required computing power through specialized tools. It gives you the ultimate experience with no infrastructure changes or extra costs. Fascinate users with significantly decreased load times! You are ready to take the fastest route to help your project succeed.

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Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
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Our team offers web acceleration solutions through caching, TCP/IP offloading, HTTP compression and more. Through caching you images, text fragments and other elements of a website on the user's device, not on the host, your content loads only partially from your server, decreasing the amount of data to download to the user. TCP/IP offloading is another technique that releases the strain for your server processors by grouping data in meaningful packages. HTTP compression reduces traffic traveling over the network.

Get to know the technology

Give your website a boost with caching

Varnish Cache Hosting


Varnish cache boosts the speed of your website significantly by capturing content, storing it into memory, ready to be called. Loading times shrink to a minimum and your web servers run smooth and easy, instead of being constantly bothered to execute the same code time and again. Combell has been using Varnish as a key element of the caching strategy for ages. The Operations team is skilled at caching planning and setup. Enjoy the speed levels you considered unreachable.

Redis Cache Hosting


Redis is a caching technology that can achieve lightning-fast response times. It stores frequently requested static content, so that the same request does not have to be recomputed each time. A unique feature of Redis is that it stores the data in RAM in a distributed way, allowing them to be retrieved incredibly quickly when needed. This caching technology thus ensures response times of less than a millisecond, making it ideal for real-time applications in gaming and media streaming, for example.

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