Our own Combell control panel

We at Combell use no standard control panel but instead use our own control panel, which we developed for the management of all your services. Do not wait any longer and discover the powerful features of our next-generation control panel.

Change your contact information yourself

Have you moved to a new address? Do you have a new mobile number? Edit your customer information in real time. We will make sure that your new details are used everywhere.

Use our (anonymous) name servers

You have the choice between name servers mentioning Combell or completely anonymous servers. This way, you will be able to resell Combell products to your customers without them knowing that you purchase these services from us!

Configure your own name servers

Is your domain name hosted somewhere else? Or do you have your own name servers? No problem: you can choose the desired name servers for each domain name.

Add FTP users

You can add FTP users with a single click. Choose the desired username, password, permissions and home directory.

Give permissions

You can choose the permissions for each FTP user yourself: read permissions only or full write and manage permissions.

Access configuration

You can determine the folders to which each FTP user has access.

Choose cloaked or uncloaked web forwarding

With a web forwarding service, your domain name is forwarded to another website or folder. It is possible to hide the redirection address (cloaked) and thus make sure that users do not notice that they have been redirected.

Manage your A records

Manage your A records via our control panel. All changes are made in real time.

Manage your AAA records

Manage your AAA records via our control panel. All changes are made in real time.

Manage your CNAME records

CNAME records are aliases of A records that you can easily activate via our control panel.

Manage your MX records

If necessary, you can edit your e-mail DNS records (MX records).

Manage your TXT records

Manage your TXT records via our control panel. All changes are made in real time.

Choose the desired name servers

You can use the Combell name servers or other name servers

Manage your SRV records

Manage your AAA records via our control panel. All changes are made in real time.

Add domain name aliases

A domain name alias is an extra domain name that you link to your website. You can e.g. use it to link the domain name www.yourcompany.be to the hosting account www.yourcompany.com.

Multiple websites in 1 package

A subsite is a separate website on your hosting account. This makes it possible to have multiple websites on 1 hosting account.

Choose the PHP version yourself

Our unique control panel supports multiple PHP versions. So, you do not need to have your website migrated to a new environment if you want to use a more recent version of PHP. You can choose when to switch to a new version and we also keep supporting older versions of PHP for a longer time.

Define the limits yourself

Define the limits yourself (within the properties of your hosting account) depending on your PHP applications, in real time.

Set your error level

Edit the error logging settings yourself. Maybe logs should be more extensive in a testing environment and less extensive in a production environment? The choice is up to you!

Activate/deactivate settings

No need to mess with php.ini files. Via the Combell control panel, you can activate or deactivate features with a single click.

Check out your PHP configuration

No need to add the PHP info file on each hosting account. We already included this in the Combell control panel!

Manage users per database

For each database, you have the possibility to manage users.

Log directly into PhpMyAdmin

There is no need to install PhpMyAdmin and keep it up to date. We have already included PhpMyAdmin in the Combell control panel! With PhpMyAdmin, you can easily manage your databases and associated tables.

Adding databases made easy

Do you want to create an additional database? You can do this with just a few clicks via our control panel within the limits of your hosting account or by purchasing an additional subscription if necessary.

Choose the desired index page

You can easily and quickly choose the desired index page in the control panel. So, there is no need to program in an .htaccess file!

Secure folders with a single click

You can secure a folder by means of a username and a password with just a few clicks via our control panel. So, there is no need to worry about the configuration of .htaccess files. You can manage everything via your control panel.

Define user rights

You have the possibility to edit user rights for each folder. You can activate or deactivate security with a single click and set the desired permissions for each user.

Manage users access to secure folders

You have the possibility to create separate users specifically for secure folders. These users have no access to other services that you purchase from us.

Adding cron jobs made easy

Cron jobs (or planned tasks) make it possible to execute a certain script or command at a preset time. Normally, you would have to edit a configuration file via the command line to make this possible. With us, you can manage all your cron jobs very easily via our control panel.

Customise your error pages in no time

Choose the layout of your error pages. You can customise them and/or have them redirect to your own URL.

Use GZIP compression

GZIP compression allows you to compress the communication between our servers and the Internet browsers of your visitors. So, if you want your website to load faster, make sure to activate this option with just one click via our control panel.

Activate a unique IP address in no time

Do you need a unique IP address for an SSL certificate or for SEO (search engine optimisation). In that case, link a unique IP address to your hosting package.

Automatically store log files

Determine yourself the number of days you want your access and error logs to be stored.

Check out your statistics

With each hosting account, you get free access to AWStats, which delivers comprehensive statistics about visitors on your website or web store.

Activate SSH

With SSH, you can log into your server via an encrypted connection. Then, you can execute commands. By default, SSH is deactivated, but you can activate SSH via our control panel.

Manage your SSH keys

Professional users can manage the SSH keys via our control panel.

Choose your own product names

As a reseller of Combell, you have the possibility to choose your own product names and specifications.

Number of FTP users

Select the number of FTP users that you want to create for this service package. You can also select the desired web space as well as some other options.

Number of mailboxes and desired mailbox quota

Choose the number of mailboxes you want to create for this service package. You can also choose the desired mailbox quota.

Number of databases and desired size

Choose the number of databases you want to create for this service package. You can also choose the desired database quota.

Add add-ons

When you exceed the limits of the service package for your customer, you have the possibility to add add-ons. By doing this, you give users extra quota above the limits of their service package.

Choose the desired service package

Creating a new hosting account is child's play. Choose the desired service package (that you created beforehand) and choose the desired domain name.

Choose a strong FTP password

Enter the FTP password twice. We will let you know if the password is strong enough.

Choose the desired permissions

After that, you can choose if you want to give standard permissions or if you want to edit permissions for this new hosting account.

Make the control panel white-labelled.

The My Combell control panel has been developed fully white-labelled. So, hostnames of databases and web servers are completely anonymous. In addition, your customers have access to a white-labelled version of the control panel (my.webhosting.be), where all Combell logos and names have been removed.

Follow the status of your invoices

You can see each invoice in our control panel. You can also check if the invoice has been paid or not.

Download PDF files of your invoices

You have the possibility to download PDF files for each invoice or credit note.

Overview of all your products

Here you can see an overview of all the products you ordered from us. You can search by identifier (e.g. domain name or fax number) and/or by product group.

Check the expiry date per product

Expiry dates are displayed for each product you purchased.

Export to CSV, PDF or XLSX

All your data can be exported with a single click to a .CVS, .PDF or .XLSX file. This is very handy if you want to synchronise with your own administration!

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