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Thalento® Customer Case

In 2010, Belgian HR specialist Thalento® chose Combell to guarantee the availability of its online services all over the world. Thalento® assesses employees and candidates for hundreds of large and smaller organisations by means of questionnaires or tests. Thanks to an innovative solution based on Kubernetes Start, the future of the software platform is assured.

Thalento®'s request

Employers in more than 50 countries call on Thalento® to assess candidates and employees on knowledge, skills and motivation. Online tests are available 24/7 for recruitment and selection, assessments, outplacement... That is why the company needs scalable and flexible ICT services.

  • Reliable infrastructure for online assessment software
  • Future-proof cloud platform based on Kubernetes
  • Affordable infrastructure that can scale up flexibly when traffic peaks

"With Combell, you know you can always get in touch with the right person. That trust has made all the difference for us."
Ben Greeven, Thalento®
Our solution

Our solution

Managed Kubernetes with a robust Service Level Agreement 

  • Kubernetes Start for flexible scaling
  • Future-proof platform for software written in-house
  • Carefully planned migration
  • 24/7 proactive management following well-documented procedures
  • Affordable and innovative ICT infrastructure

Why Combell, according to Thalento®

  • Belgian player that offers the necessary expertise and service guarantees
  • Personal and proactive approach and excellent understanding of specific needs

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