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ionProjects Customer Case

Since its foundation, Mechelen-based ionProjects has been focusing on a niche audience of ICT companies, engineering firms and consultancy firms. The ERP application ionBIZ, which was developed in-house, thus provides extensive features for this target group, such as project management, planning, timesheets, ticketing, helpdesk and portfolio management.

ionProjects’s request

The web application must be able to run in a stable manner

The ionBIZ web application must be available at all times. The customer base of ionProjects consists of about one hundred medium-sized and large organisations, and their collaborators rely on the ERP application to perform their tasks.

  • Continuous availability of the web application
  • Reliable hosting so that ionBIZ can continue to run in a stable manner
  • Immediate reaction if something goes wrong.

“The many users must always have access to our ERP application ionBIZ. And Combell’s rock-solid SLAs give us this uptime guarantee”
Ion projects

Our solution

Seamless migration to managed hosting

  • Managed hosting at Combell with web server and database server
  • Rock-solid Service Level Agreements with guaranteed uptime
  • The web application ionBIZ must run smoothly and stably thanks to hosting in high-security data centres
  • Fair price considering the quality of the services provided
  • Helpdesk available directly 24/7

Why Combell, according to ionProjects

  • Excellent technical level of Combell staff, as a result of which the migration to a new server can proceed smoothly
  • Backups are kept for up to 30 days so that any error made by an end user can be easily corrected.

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