Sales platform for sports betting and a mobile game


Betcenter Customer Case

In 2017, the Belgian-Austrian group Betcenter chose Combell to continue its strong growth. In addition to more than 100 shops, e-commerce is playing an increasingly important role. The sales platform must be available and effective, particularly when peaks occur before and during major games. During the 2018 Football World Cup, a mobile app allowed to increase visibility.

Betcenter’s request

High-performance and scalable ICT solutions that can handle peak load

Betcenter's sales platform must be available and perform efficiently, especially when peaks occur. One of the characteristics of sports betting is that most bets are placed shortly before and during competitions. Additionally, the mobile game Shootout 2018 could not be the victim of its own success.

  • Flexible and scalable resources to handle peaks and troughs
  • Proactive management and capacity management
  • Very high availability guarantees.

“Combell informs us when it is necessary to add capacity, or to reduce this after a peak period. So we keep the right size.”

Our solution

Managed hosting with virtual servers and SLA Pro

  • Managed hosting with Combell for CRM, online sales and the mobile app
  • Virtualisation using VMWare High Availability Cluster
  • SLA Pro with the highest levels of guarantees available
  • 24/7 proactive management based on highly variable numbers of visitors
  • ‘Right-size’ ICT offering a good cost/capacity ratio

Why Combell, according to Betcenter

  • Excellent level of expertise, as a result of which performance improvements were suggested proactively
  • Robust hosting, capable of handling heavy visitor peaks during the 2018 Football World Cup without any problems

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