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Inventis Customer Case

Inventis provides its customers with a comprehensive digital package: websites, applications and web stores. Its customer base includes both small and large companies, as well as various festivals and concert venues, such as Ancienne Belgique and Pukkelpop.

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Inventis’s request

Reliable hosting, even when traffic peaks

Inventis chose Combell’s Reseller Hosting platform 10 years ago. Today, 95% of its customers use reseller hosting.

Inventis knew exactly what they were looking for:

  • Reliable hosting that can absorb traffic spikes, e.g. when there is a rush when tickets go on sale for a concert.
  • Easy management of the hosting features without having to actually be a hosting provider yourself.

“Combell’s reseller hosting package allows us to provide hosting services without having to actually be in the hosting business”.
Reseller hosting

Our solution

Reseller Hosting

We perfectly meet Inventis’s requirements with the following services:

  • Reseller hosting
  • Easy-to-use control panel where they can manage all the features themselves
  • Domain settings
  • PHP settings
  • Database configuration
  • Automatic generation of SSL certificates

Combell’s assets, according to Inventis

“After those 10 years of collaboration, we are definitely ready for a new round”, says Inventis CEO Jan Raedeschelders.

  • Easy management, without having to e-mail back and forth for hours, which saves a lot of time
  • Scalable hosting, with the appropriate server infrastructure, perfectly suited to the customer
    • Personal contact with passionate collaborators who are happy in their job
    • Combell is highly regarded for its quality
    • 24/7 support, so that Inventis can also quickly assist their own customers
    • Always up to date with the latest technologies (for example, PHP updates are available very quickly
    • Combell’s SLAs guarantee uptime and quick services

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