Inventis: time savings and centralised management, that’s why we became a Combell Reseller

“Ten years ago, we decided to partner with Combell because of their high reputation for quality. Their personal approach also appealed to us. As far as we are concerned, we are ready for the next decade.” Jan Raedschelders (CEO at Inventis) and Stijn Jansen (lead developer) both testify.

95% of customers use smaller packages

Inventis provides tailored solutions for the Internet. We try to provide all kinds of customers (small and large companies, festivals, etc.) with their websites, web applications, web stores... Basically, everything they need on the Internet.

“Combell's reseller hosting enables us to provide hosting ourselves, without having to deal with anything related to it.”

Combell's most important service for us is actually reseller hosting – hosting for smaller packages. 95% of our customers are hosted using such packages provided by Combell. So, Combell's reseller hosting enables us to provide hosting ourselves, without having to deal with anything related to it.

Combell reseller hosting

Convenient control panel

User-friendly-control-panel-of-Combell-reseller-hostingWhat matters most about such a platform is of course that we can manage everything in one place, including domain settings, PHP settings, database configuration, and so on. This recently also enabled us to create SSL certificates automatically. Whereas previously we had to go through several steps, we can now do this at once in the reseller platform – and that is definitely a bonus!

Quality and service

At the time, we went for Combell because they were highly regarded for their quality. I remember very well that Jonas Dhaenens came to our office to present his products and services. And that personal approach really appealed to us.

We have been collaborating with Combell for more than 10 years now, and what is most important to us is quality and service. Such as Combell's 24/7 support, because it is vital for us to be able to help our customers at all times when something goes wrong.

State-of-the-art technologies

Our customers come to us for tailored solutions. They can count on us for any problem. And this is why it is ideal that Combell can actually provide us with such tailored solutions.

“Our customers come to us for tailored solutions and can count on us for any problem. And Combell can provide us with such tailored solutions.”

Combell always keeps up with the latest technologies – new PHP versions, for example, are available very quickly. And it is also very easy to get in touch with someone at Combell to arrange certain matters, to also provide those tailored solutions, even if ‘only’ for shared hosting.

Highly motivated people

I would describe Combell collaborators as people who really love their job and who are genuinely interested in it. You can tell by how they communicate, and by the solutions they provide, which are presented with great enthusiasm.

We have been working with Combell for more than 10 years, and I am sure that we will continue to collaborate in the future. Combell's approach, its way of working, its staff's personal approach... We are extremely satisfied with all of these aspects.

Why Inventis became a Combell Reseller:

  • 95 % of customers use reseller hosting
  • Possibility to provide hosting services yourself
  • Centralised management
  • Time-saving control panel
  • Personal approach
  • Quality and service
  • 24/7 support
  • Tailored solutions
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Easy to reach
  • Highly motivated people
  • Long-term collaboration

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