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Knooppunt Customer Case

Knooppunt is a network that has been designed for publishers, pupils and teachers. Depending on their role and activations, users can access certain content on the platform. Teachers can use it to find e.g. textbooks, board books (educational material that can be projected on digital boards) and sample tests. As for pupils, they can use it to find extra material that belongs with their textbooks. Since not all users are offered the same infrastructure, Knooppunt also provides a lot of educational material via apps.

Knooppunt’s request

A stable environment to host their educational material

Knooppunt is used every school day by hundreds of thousands of pupils, teachers and publishers. And meanwhile, the platform already offers more than 4,500 different teaching resources. The backend stores several terabytes of data, because board books take up a lot of space. Stability and availability are therefore given top priority.

“We are a non-profit association, and therefore have limited financial means. Every piece of advice that Combell gave us took due account of this aspect”


Our solution

14 servers guarantee stability

Knooppunt has a large environment with Combell. In addition to many SSL certificates, which are essential to secure connections, 14 Combell servers are used for hosting.

Combell’s assets, according to Knooppunt

“Combell has helped us very much through the migration process. Their staff were available day and night and provided us with valuable input.” The customer also values Combell’s proactive approach. “Our wonderful account manager regularly calls us to ask us if Knooppunt is happy with the services provided, if there is anything they could improve, etc.”

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