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Off-site backup protects the customers of KPD Services from data loss

KPD Services

KPD Services Customer Case

KPD Services, based in Halen, has been involved in digitalisation for businesses in the construction sector for 35 years - from general construction through renovation and road building to installation and project development. It offers several specialised tools that make managing and tracking projects easier, such as BouwOffice, its premier product.

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KPD Services' request

KPD acts as a one-stop-shop: it does not only provide the project tools; it also implements them and provides the required infrastructure to the customers. And since KPD attaches great importance to security, it also ensures that customers can count on a reliable backup.

  • KPD Services does not manage the data that the customer generates in BouwOffice itself: these remain on the customer's own servers. A good backup of that data is therefore of the utmost importance.
  • That is why, in addition to an on-site backup, KPD also wants its customers to have a backup made in the cloud. This way, the customers' data are always protected in case of disasters (fire, vandalism or worse), but also in case of digital attacks (like ransomware).
  • The backup should work smoothly and be as automatic as possible, without the customer having to perform any manual work.
  • Just as for the other ERP applications, KPD is looking for a reliable and efficient partner.

KPD Services
It is the transparency, linked to the Dutch-speaking helpdesk and thorough, well-managed support that makes Combell our logical choice as partner for Veeam Cloud Connect
Ivan Henderix, system engineer at KPD Services
Virtual office

Combell's solution

  • After conducting market research, KPD Services opted for Veeam Cloud Connect, a solution that allows to replicate customer data that are already available on the customer's own backup servers to the cloud.
  • Since KPD Services also worked with Veeam before the on-site backups, the company is now able to manage and check both backups for its customers via a single control panel.
  • Veeam Cloud Connect can easily be added as an extra backup: you get a login and password and only need to connect to the on-premise Veeam application.
  • Veeam Cloud Connect checks backups and immediately notifies you when a backup has failed. This way, you will never face an unpleasant surprise in the event of a disaster!

Combell's assets, according to KPD Services

  • A transparent calculator provides you in advance with an accurate estimate of the costs you will incur: just indicate how much storage and how many VMs you will need, and you will immediately get a fair idea of the monthly costs involved.
  • The customers of KPD Services sign the contract directly with Combell, which allows them to remain the owners of their own data at all times, and the data are stored on Combell's GDPR-compliant servers.
  • With a Veeam subscription that also includes the WAN accelerator, you can have Combell enable this option, which makes backups up to 10 times faster. And Combell does not charge any additional costs for this service!
  • Combell's helpdesk assists you in your own language (in the case of KPD: Dutch). That is much more convenient when you encounter problems than with Veaam providers from abroad, for which you also have to take account of the different time zones.
  • KPD Services already knew Combell as a reliable partner. Working with a trusted partner makes the implementation process run more smoothly, which also keeps the costs down for the customer.
  • Just like KPD and Veeam itself, Combell attaches great importance to security; the data centres where the KPD customers' data are stored are highly secure (both physically and digitally).

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KPD Services
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