Digipolis Gent

A multi-data centre solution with sufficient backup systems

Digipolis Gent

Digipolis Gent Customer Case

Every day, Digipolis Gent provides dynamic ICT services to city and police services, the Public Centre for Social Welfare and various schools in Ghent.

Our solution

For the centralisation of the many web projects undertaken by Digipolis Gent, Combell developed a whole new infrastructure from scratch. A multi-data centre solution with sufficient backup systems provides the basis. The emphasis is constantly on automation and a close cooperation between Digipolis developers and Combell system managers.

Digipolis Gent
“The collaboration with Combell gives us the impression that they are our colleagues. A personal approach, short communication lines and fast solutions is what we expect… and what we get. The fact that they constantly provide extensions for their tools and develop extra options where necessary allowed us to fully automate all our processes. This helps us save a lot of time when we start a new project and release new versions.”

Elias Stoops, Senior Application Specialist Web

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