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KBCCustomer Case

KBC is more than just a bank. The international group has many daughter and sister companies that offer a multitude of services. Each one of them has its own website. To be able to keep up, KBC went looking for a partner capable of registering and managing Internet domains.

KBC’s request

Registering domain names worldwide

KBC was looking for a partner capable of registering KBC domain extensions worldwide as well as managing them. In doing so, KBC wanted to avoid losing domain names.

« Combell is one of the few players in the market that is capable of registering all domain extensions.”

Our solution Customer Case

Domain name management

Combell is one of the few players in the market that is capable of registering all domain extensions. Combell can also register international domain names, even if that procedure is far from obvious. This is a very important service that Combell provides, which is interesting for companies that are also active on an international level.

Besides registration, Combell can also support KBC with its other questions, or act as an intermediate. Moreover, Combell also registers and manages all domain names for campaigns.

One of the things Combell does while managing domain names is keeping an eye on their expiry date. Combell notifies KBC well in advance so that possible renewals can be handled in time. This guaranteed and proactive follow-up guarantees KBC that those expiry dates will never be forgotten, e.g. as a result of personnel changes.

Combell's assets according to KBC

  • Excellent service and great expertise
  • A relationship based on trust
  • Combell provides complete solutions to corporate clients who want to optimise the management of their domain names.

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