Do you have a registered trademark and want to protect this trademark in the new Top Level Domains (TLDs)?

Apply in the Trademark Clearinghouse (or, in abbreviated form, 'TMCH') now. Via Combell, for each new domain extension, you are the first to have the possibility to protect your trademark during the sunrise period.

Interested in protecting your trademark via the TMCH?

A one-stop solution to protect your trademark in all the new TLDs.

The TMCH allows you to register your trademarks in a worldwide database. By doing this centrally only once, you will make things easier for when you will register your name in the future. The validation process is handled by an external party, Deloitte, via an infrastructure provided by IBM.

By submitting a registered trademark, you will be the first to have the right to register your name in different domain extensions. Audi, for instance, will be the first to have the right to register '', '' or ''. This may be interesting for your trademark too, to keep cybersquatters away or just to exercise your privilege as a trademark holder.

Benefit from many advantages by registering in the TMCH

Be the first to claim the name of your brand during the sunrise period!

Before a domain name extension is offered to the general public, the privileged parties get the chance to register domain names. In principle, if you have a registered trademark that is also registered in the TMCH, you too have the privilege to participate in a sunrise period.

Stay updated on possible infringement of your trademark rights

During the 'trademark claims service' period, both the potential registrant (the owner) and the registrar (the manager) receive a notification if a domain name is registered using your trademark. This way, appropriate action can be taken in due time.

Reduce your administrative burdens and costs!

Since we handle the entire administrative process, you do not need to invest time in it yourself. You can count on our many years of experience to assist you in claiming the next generation domain names.

Combell acts as an agent on behalf of brand owners. We handle things such as the registration of domain names, submission and renewal in the TMCH database and also all associated documents ('Signed Mark Data' documents). You can choose to register your trademark in the database for 1, 3 or 5 years.

Let specialists assist you! Do not wait any longer!24/7 free support

Our strategic advice and our many years of experience in domain names allow us to assist you in making the best decisions to protect your trademark and domain names. Even if you just want to register names in a limited number of extensions, registration in the TMCH is required. Do not wait any longer and protect your trademark from abuse!