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Vavato Customer Case

Vavato is Belgium's key player in the field of online auctions. The platform sells goods to both professional and private buyers, for more than 45 million euros a year. When an auction is about to close, all bidders must have access to the latest updates. And of course, at such a decisive moment, it is essential that technology does not fail. That is why Vavato switched to Combell in May 2019.

Vavato's request

High-performance and reliable transaction platform

Vavato can easily serve up to more than 1,000 simultaneous bidders. When the auction hammer falls, the winning bidder pays the amount due online. Vavato's entire business is conducted online - from the description of the lots to the delivery of the goods. Combell and entrust-it jointly signed up for a powerful, tailored infrastructure.

  • Powerful and quickly scalable online infrastructure
  • Smooth in-flight migration from the public cloud to Combell
  • Software releases and scaling up without downtime
“We must be able to scale up and roll out new software versions without downtime at any time.”

Our solution

Tailored infrastructure to facilitate digital transformation

Proactive advice on software optimisation

  • Smooth ‘in-flight’ migration to Combell
  • Rolling out software versions and scaling up without downtime
  • Easy scalability when traffic peaks
  • Fast response to support requests

Why Combell, according to Vavato

  • Local Belgian partner, with a solid reputation
  • Proactive advice on technical architecture and the right scale
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