JM Bruneau

Comprehensive dedicated hosting solution

JM Bruneau

JM Bruneau Customer Case

JM Bruneau, Belgium’s market leader in office furniture and supplies, runs a website that attracts several thousands of visitors every day. Because of the fierce competition in this market segment, visitors severely punish any mistake or slowdown.

Our solution

Combell is responsible for hosting the comprehensive dedicated hosting solution used for the web store. This is fully redundant, with a tailored media asset management solution, which includes caching and resizing of assets for mobile visitors.

JM Bruneau
“For setting up and maintaining our B2B online platform, we have been relying on the Combell team for years now. The flexible team of IT professionals is always available to advise and assist us. Combell really makes us feel at home, because they are strongly committed to open source principles and always keep up with the latest technologies.”

Yves Duquet, IT & web developer

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