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Bazookas Customer Case

Bazookas immerses you in a digital world. Bruges-based studio produces creative concepts specifically for games, apps, web, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. When an entertainment brand or social profit organisation wants to launch a new campaign, everything has to be done quickly... So, Combell makes a realistic assessment of the ICT needs and the associated costs, and then makes sure that everything is done without delay.

Bazooka's request

Getting creative concepts online in record time

Serious games involve a very intense interaction with your audience, even for less obvious themes such as education and prevention. Bazookas has already produced numerous multimedia campaigns, apps and gaming concepts. Of course, the overall digital experience delivered must always remain smooth, especially when the audience feels deeply connected to the narrative.

  • Reliable and flexibly scalable online infrastructure
  • Delivering quotations and infrastructure for new projects at lightning speed
  • Flawless service & ICT support
“We are developers. Hardware and infrastructure management are not our areas of expertise.”

Our solution

Hosting partner and expert for infrastructure management

  • Smooth delivery of new projects
  • Flexible scalability when traffic peaks
  • High-quality and reliable infrastructure
  • Extensive expertise to avoid performance issues
  • Fast response to support requests

Why Combell, according to Bazookas

  • Proactive partner that provides flawless ICT systems
  • Compatible mindset: flexibility, speed and professionalism
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