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In 2018, Antwerp-based accounting firm VDV consultants transferred its internal servers to Combell for a higher level of protection and greater flexibility. Thanks to this, ICT is no longer a stumbling block or a source of stress. In addition to being future-proof, the new infrastructure opens the door to teleworking and collaboration beyond the company walls.

VDV consultants' request

Reliable and worry-free ICT infrastructure management

VDV consultants advises Belgian and international companies, ranging from family-run SMEs and liberal professions to holding companies and international subsidiaries. For in-house applications such as accounting, taxation, annual accounts and document management, the company was looking for a reliable ICT infrastructure partner.

  • High-performance infrastructure with fast SSDs
  • Top-quality data centre space in Belgium
  • Proactive management, security and backup
VDV consultants
“I no longer want to be in charge of ICT infrastructure myself. That is a lot of stress for nothing. Are you experiencing a problem? Then, all you have to do is give Combell a call.”
it utsourcing

Our solution

IT outsourcing for all internal applications

  • Managed hosting in state-of-the-art data centres
  • Cooling, power supply and monitoring
  • Fully automatic, managed back-up
  • Backup infrastructure and stand-by tech engineers
  • Premium services with ISO certification

Why Combell, according to VDV consultants

  • Belgian ICT partner with reliable reputation
  • Future-proof solution free from daily worries
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VDV consultants
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