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Poppr Customer Case

In 2013, young Ghent-based company Poppr launched ‘Google Street View For Companies’. But it did not take long before they switched to creating 360° virtual tours and 360° videos for large companies. More than 600 of such tours are already in Poppr’s portfolio, in all possible genres. Thanks to 360° virtual tours and VR apps, you can explore real attractions in your browser, as if you were actually there.

Poppr’s request

Fast loading times, even when traffic peaks

Poppr chose not to deliver the virtual tours as one-time, finished products to the customer. Instead, they decided to host them themselves. The tours are thus embedded in the customer’s website via an iFrame or any other similar technology.

  • This way, Poppr can control the loading time, and they chose Combell to guarantee that loading speed
  • Changes in the tours can be made easily and quickly
  • Traffic peaks must be absorbed without any problem

“Thanks to the combination of programming + fast hosting, even the tour of Center Parcs Le Bois aux Daims, which is by far the largest virtual tour with 11.3 GB, only takes 1.9 second to load.”

Our solution

Scalable hosting on cloud servers

  • Managed cloud hosting with an excellent SLA to guarantee uptime. The virtual tours must be available at all times
  • Possibility of scaling up (temporarily or not) when marketing campaigns are run to promote the virtual tours or VR applications

Combell’s assets, according to Poppr

  • Reliable and flexible hosting that helps virtual tours load fast on the websites of Poppr’s customers
  • The fact that Combell is a Belgian company and a market leader in its field is one of the main reasons why Poppr chose Combell

“Invest in solid hosting. Not only is this essential for user experience, but you should also remember that Google, for instance, prefers fast websites.”

Read the full case study about Poppr on out blog
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