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Meubili Customer Case

West-Flanders-based company Meubili specialises in superior outdoor furniture. In its three permanent sales outlets and its pop-up stores, it offers a wide range of outdoor furniture from major brands, in addition to its own designs. Meubili's main strength lies in the advice they give for full turnkey outdoor design. The driving force behind the whole business is the DBFact ERP software, which processes every order very smoothly, from the quotation to the delivery note, and from stock management to invoicing.

Meubili’s request

The ERP software must be available from the various outlets and run quickly and stably.

The pleasure of selecting outdoor furniture and planning its arrangement must be extended to a smooth processing of orders. The ERP software must therefore be accessible centrally from the various sales outlets, especially during weekends, because that is when most customers come to choose their furniture.

  • Smooth and stable connection to the ERP software running on Combell servers
  • Possibility to allow the salespeople to work from their own account when they are working in another sales outlet
  • Quick installation of a reliable connection for the pop-up stores
  • Stand-by helpdesk for any possible problems occurring during weekends

“Outsourcing is the way to go, but only if you choose the right partner. And we found ours: Combell”

Smooth migration to IT outsourcing

  • Managed hosting at Combell for the DBFact ERP software and Microsoft 365
  • Remote desktop: salespeople can work everywhere from their own account
  • Stable and fast connection for all sales outlets, with quick setup for pop-up stores
  • Smooth migration: the migration of the company’s IT systems was completed in just one day
  • 24/7 directly accessible helpdesk, also during weekends

Why Combell, according to Meubili

  • The working method, the friendly attitude that makes you feel right away that this is the perfect partner to work with
  • If something goes wrong, Combell does not start pointing fingers at other potentially involved IT partners, but simply looks for a solution.
  • Since systems no longer crash, employees are more satisfied and the company no longer misses sales
  • Huge amounts of data, stored in high-security data centres. And in the event of a problem, Combell can restore the data.
  • Proactive helpdesk that regularly contacts the company to check if everything is working properly.

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