SharePoint in the Cloud: and all problems are gone


Mitsubishi Customer Case

Mitsubishi Motors has no less than 113 dealers in Belgium. Every dealer employs an average of five people. Spreading information and collaborating is particularly difficult in such a complex internal network.

Mitsubishi’s request

Always online, even during the Motor Show

Mitsubishi’s dealer portal is a very popular application, particularly in the spring, after the Motor Show. “Dealers and importers use the portal to exchange information and find news stories. It is the backbone of our internal communication and processes.

During and after the Motor Show, this portal and the website needs to handle a lot of extra visitors. Last year, our in-house server was not powerful enough to handle all that traffic, and instead of investing in new hardware, we chose Combell’s Cloud. This way, we will be able to perfectly absorb such shocks in the future.”

“Handling the extra number of visitors after the Motor Show has become child’s play.”

Johan Vermeir

Mitsubishi Motors Belgium

Cloud server

Our solution

Flexible cloud server

After consultation with our system architects, we migrated Mitsubishi to a new cloud server that is capable of handling all the extra visitors during the Motor Show.
Our system engineers carefully carried out the migration process from the old in-house server to the new cloud server.

  • Complete follow-up of the migration to the new server
  • Flexible cloud server capable of scaling up when traffic peaks
  • Visitor spikes are handled without a glitch during the Motor Show
  • More time for other activities, like selling cars
  • Internal processes are considerably smoother and faster

Combell’s assets according to Mitsubishi

“Now that we use SharePoint in the cloud, all these internal processes are considerably smoother and faster”, says Johan Vermeir.

  • Professional provider
  • Great proactive follow-up
  • Excellent customer service.

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