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Westtoer is the autonomous provincial company for tourism and recreation in West Flanders. On behalf of the province of West Flanders, it is Westtoer’s mission to draw up the tourism/recreation policy and to help implement this.

Our solution

Combell is in charge of all hosting-related matters and provides various fully managed cloud solutions. The ability to flexibly scale resources up or down and the number of cloud solution itself are key in this context.

“Westtoer apb is in charge of promoting and supporting tourism in West Flanders. This is why we have a strong online presence in a multitude of campaigns and brands with their own websites, apps and digital exchanges. However, various providers, deadlines and technologies make this a challenging task. This is why Combell plays a crucial supporting role in this context: advice on long-term planning that helps save money, security and reliability on a day-to-day basis, and pragmatic and prompt action and solutions if necessary.”

Marc Portier, Manager ICT Westtoer apb

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