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Hubo Customer Case

Hubo has 110 stores, including 50 in Flanders and 50 in Wallonia. Following collaborations with multiple smaller hosting providers, the company started looking for a more stable partner to support its growth. And they eventually chose Combell.

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Hubo’s request

Our website must be online at all times

“The availability of our website was very important to us. Nowadays, everyone can offer speed, but the fact that our website needs to be constantly available was one of the main reasons for our choice.”

“We have seen the data centre and noticed that security is fully taken care of.”

Our solution

Full management of a dedicated server

“We have one dedicated server with Combell, which they fully manage. That means they take care of Windows, patches and security. Content-wise, we obviously take care of business remotely. We regularly upload our folder to the site, make sure everything is all right with the forum and run some short promotional campaigns.”

  • Tailored dedicated server
  • Fully managed by Combell, including patches and security updates

Combell thus takes care of the infrastructure, bandwidth and technical aspects.

Combell’s assets, according to Hubo

“We are very happy with their services; we have an annual contract with them to host that server and no fixed or unexpected costs are to be added. As a result, the rates are definitely fair.”

  • No unexpected costs
  • Security is fully taken care of
  • Our website is constantly available

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