Case: Hubo

Hubo has 110 stores, among which 50 are in Flanders and 50 in Wallonia. After having collaborated with some smaller hosting companies, they went looking for a more stable partner to support their growth. And they eventually chose Combell.

"All very much in order, with redundant power supplies and connections"

"We have seen the data centre and established that it was all very much in order, with redundant power supplies and connections. It was very important to us that our website would be available. Everyone can offer speed nowadays, but the fact that our website needs to be permanently available was one of our main reasons.<br /> <br /> We have one dedicated server with Combell and they manage it entirely. In other words, they take care of Windows, patches and security. On the level of content, we of course take care of business remotely. At regular intervals, we upload our folder on the site, make sure everything is all right with the forum and run some short promotional campaigns. So Combell takes care of the infrastructure, the bandwidth and the technical aspects. We are very satisfied with their services; we have a yearly contract with them to host that server and no fixed or unexpected costs are to be added. Thus, the rates are fair."

Summarized: Very customer-minded, Permanent availability, Thinks along with the customer