Dag van de Webshop

Flexible cloud hosting makes it possible to absorb high traffic peaks

Dag van de Webshop

Dag van de Webshop Customer Case

Generation Shop, which specialises in the development and marketing of web stores, has been organising an event since 2010, allowing web stores to offer special deals to online shoppers. Originally launched as “Dag van de Webshop”, the event has now grown into a full three-day experience. Both large chains and independent web stores can then offer their products and services with exceptional discounts.
The concept has since been developed into a generic platform that can also be used for other events, such as the “7 Sleepless Shopping Nights” organised by SafeShops.

Dag van de Webshop's request

  • Hosting that can cope with the traffic peaks experienced in the run-up to the event, when more than 100 web stores announce their promotional offers
  • Outstanding hosting with no downtime during the 3 days of the event itself, when traffic is at its peak
  • Stable Drupal hosting to be able to further develop the platform
  • A reliable business partner with a solid reputation
  • Helpful helpdesk that really helps you out
Dag van de Webshop
“When facing challenges such as sudden traffic peaks, it is essential to choose a reliable business partner such as Combell”
Cloud server

Our solution

  • Flexible hosting in the cloud, perfectly scalable
  • High traffic cloud server with a lot of resources for 1 month and low traffic server for the next 11 months
  • Proactive monitoring, so that the necessary extra space can be added in time
  • Modular Drupal CMS hosting
  • Helpdesk available 24/7, with an expert team. No call centre

Combell’s assets according to Dag van de Webshop

  • The reputation as a reliable business partner
  • The Combell team that helps the customer in its thinking process
  • Quick response, also over the phone, where you can immediately talk to someone who knows everything about the situation.
  • Advice and assistance with all aspects of hosting, including domain names, installation of SSL certificates, etc.
  • The prestigious reputation of the Combell data centre, which is highly secured and at the cutting edge of technology
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Dag van de Webshop
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