Case: Caruur

"Central hosting makes office walls disappear"

In just a few years' time, Caruur car & truck rental, a car and truck rental company from Ghent, has become a renowned business. About a year ago, they added a new office in the port of Ghent to their head office, which is located near the Dampoort. Unsurprisingly, that raised questions about hosting. And Combell found the right solution.

Caruur's issue

Caruur wanted all the data to be available to the employees in both offices of the rental company.

Combell's solution

Via Combell's Terminal Services dedicated server, Caruur's vehicle rental application is now hosted centrally.

Combell's assets

As a company, you do not have to invest in extra servers yourself. Combell also performs the required backups. The future expansion of your company and the related administrative reorganization occur faster and more smoothly with an external server.

Summarized: Optimum service, Great expertise, Global solution