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Lean-Interactions Customer Case

Lean-Interactions helps its customers optimise their internal processes and then support these processes mainly with IT systems.

Lean-Interactions’s request

A reliable partner

“The solutions we provide to our customers are real solutions in the core of their activities. It is therefore essential for my customers that these solutions are extremely reliable. This is why I was looking for an utterly reliable partner, which I found in Combell. After all, you can determine the value of a company by looking at the price charged, but you should actually consider what you get for that price you pay.

“Why Combell? The answer should be, I guess, that they are available, reliable and helpful.”

Joery Michiels, Head of Corporate Sales & Marketing Bostoen-groep


Our solution

Growing flexibly

Growing flexibly

  • Physical SQL server since 2007 because a lot of dedicated RAM was required
  • Migrated to the cloud by end 2014, with physical storage and Windows Remote Desktop licenses
  • Growing flexibly with the company: scaling up and down, licenses and SSL connections

Combell’s assets, according to Lean-Interactions

  • All our needs are met
  • Very good service
  • Availability, reliability and helpfulness

“I first ended up with Combell via Internet and consecutively, I sat around the table with two providers. The reason why I chose Combell is simply because we clicked as human beings. I also thought they responded very well to people’s needs, even with very small companies, and that they were genuinely interested and offered excellent service in that context.”

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