Valcredo helps SMEs to digitize successfully. To bring together information from different business units, the company provides 'Enterprise Resource Planning' (ERP), based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central software.


Valcredo Customer Case

Valcredo develops ERP solutions tailored to the needs of SMEs. In this process, the company does not want to fall into the same trap as its competitors, which provide broader solutions based on entire sectors. Valcredo wanted to adopt an approach in which all business processes are considered, including those that are not IT-related. With the help of the right Powerblox modules, the ERP system is tailored exactly to the needs of each business. An additional advantage of this approach is that the entire shop floor is involved in the development of the ERP, which clearly increases the chances of a successful implementation.

Valcredo's request

In business-critical environments, an ERP that does not work (or that works too slowly) can bring the whole company down. That is why more and more businesses are switching to ERP hosting in the cloud - although, as Valcredo has experienced, cloud hosting is not necessarily the same everywhere. That is why it went looking for a suitable partner:

  • Efficient cloud hosting, with high availability
  • Scalable hosting allowing the ERP solutions to use more or fewer resources depending on the needs of their customers
  • Tailored hosting based on customer requirements
  • Possible problems need to be solved quickly

"With Combell, you are assisted by people who know your project inside out. With Microsoft, you just log a ticket and hope for a quick response."
Arne Notebaert, Managing Director at Valcredo
Our solution

Our solution

Combell hosts the ERP applications developed by Valcredo on high-performance servers in the managed public cloud:

  • Together with Valcredo, Combell examines which hosting is the most suitable, depending on the other business applications the customer wants to run on the servers, after which Valcredo makes the ERP software available on the servers
  • The contract is concluded directly between Combell and Valcredo's customer, so that the latter can still take control, if he so wishes
  • Combell takes care of the maintenance of the servers (management, backups, installing patches, etc.)

Why Combell, according to Valcredo

  • Combell offers a worry-free managed cloud solution, but you remain in control whenever you want
  • Transparency in administration, with a clear control panel that you can access anytime, anywhere
  • A dedicated team for each project, with an account manager, so that you can always talk to the same person who knows your project inside out
  • Valcredo's in-house IT employee can immediately talk to Combell's technical experts in the event of problems: they speak the same language
  • Because Combell takes care of the entire server maintenance process, the IT employee can fully focus on serving the customers and maintaining the ERP software.
  • Performance and availability are guaranteed, thanks to strict SLAs that guarantee you have 99.999% uptime

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