VMware server hosting

The ultimate scalable cloud technology

With VMware server hosting, we make the best virtualisation technology in the market available to everyone. Start off small and scale up when necessary. This way, you will never pay too much for your IT infrastructure.

  • Boost your business by using the best virtualisation technology
  • Both public and private cloud solutions
  • Your data will remain close to you in our Belgian and Dutch data centres
  • Always online thanks to our SLA guarantees
  • Superior security thanks to features like Juniper firewalls
  • Relieve your IT department of updates, patches, maintenance, monitoring, etc.
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6 reasons to choose our VMware servers


Pay as you use

Do not waste money on resources you do not need at the moment. Pay only for what you are using now and scale up when necessary.


Always online, guaranteed !

Do not take any risks with your data. We have taken so many precautions that downtime is virtually impossible.


Unburden your IT engineers

Do not let them waste time taking care of updates, patches, maintenance, etc. Our experts can do that for them.


Always up to date

Our continuous investments ensure that you always use the latest technology, without having to pay extra for it.


Highly flexible

You can have the number of CPUs or gigabytes of memory and storage adjusted at any time. You are in control.


91% satisfied customers

We always go the extra mile to provide our customers with an outstanding service.

Trust our customers above all

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Our 4 guarantees for VMware servers

Your guarantee of a high-quality hosting solution

Top-level security

Do not take any chances with your data. Staying ahead of hackers is a full-time job. Our experts have the required experience and knowledge to help you keep your server free from any problems.

  • Powerful Juniper firewalls provide protection against all kinds of attacks
  • Choose which ports remain open or closed
  • Fully encrypted connections
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Outstanding performance under all circumstances

With VMware virtualisation, you are prepared for all circumstances. Adjusting your resources is only a few clicks away.

  • VMware is the best technology for cloud hosting
  • Connected to the fastest network in the Benelux
  • High-end data centres in Belgium and the Netherlands
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Always available, guaranteed!

Take advantage of High-Availability, a technique whereby a new server immediately takes over when the primary one fails. This makes downtime almost inconceivable.

  • Downtime costs money. That is why we guarantee that you will always be online.
  • Take your pick from various SLA guarantees
  • Monitoring also enables us to take proactive action to prevent problems.
Find out more about SLA guarantees

We do the hard work for you

IT engineers spend 70% of their time working on updates, patches and maintenance. But our experts can do that for you. Do you have any questions or need help? We are always available to provide you with expert advice.

  • A team of experienced technicians manages your VMware servers and handles all maintenance issues.
  • Are you experiencing a problem? Call us and you will immediately get an expert on the line
  • If necessary, we can even check your code to ensure an even better service
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Unprecedented stability

We rely on VMware technology to guarantee you the highest uptime in the market. This brand is the market leader in virtualisation and cloud technology.

A VMware server has features such as a Distributed Resource Scheduler, for example, which ensures that the workload on your servers is evenly balanced. This way, you can avoid downtime due to overload.

If stability and uptime are exactly what you need, this is the best technology you can use. No wonder most companies in the Forbes top 100 list rely on it.

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vmware server hosting data storage

Separate data storage on SANs

VMware servers only have CPUs and memory. To store your data, we use Storage Area Networks (SANs).

SANs are designed to store data quickly and operate partly autonomously. For example, if a SAN fails, the data does not have to be copied first before starting another node. This way, you will be up and running again in no time.

They also provide a quick experience for your users by automatically storing frequently requested data in the fast cache memory.

A backup is available at all times

You will never run out of usable backups again. Developing a backup strategy that perfectly matches your needs is extremely easy when using VMware. You can choose how comprehensive your backups should be. The possibilities are manifold.

Do you want to play it safe ? Then, if you wish, we can even store the backups in another data centre.

backups with vmware
secure vmware server in the cloud

Secure connection to your office

Client Networks (VLANs) separate the traffic to and from your VMware server from other traffic in the cloud.

IPSEC VPNs are an alternative to connect your own network to your client network in the VMware Cloud. This ensures a direct and secure connection.

Looking for an alternative to VMware?

Lots of change at VMware

Since VMware's takeover by Broadcom, VMware licenses are no longer the same, leading many to look out for an alternative.

Alternatives with and without VMware

We have several options to help you overcome your problems, whether with or without VMware.

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