The first law of ICT dynamics: data loss equals financial loss square. Data loss could be the result of force majeure circumstances, of human error, of software error, it could be the result of malicious intent or, in some cases, even stem from management failures. Support your efforts to guarantee business continuity by incorporating data replication in your custom hosting solution.

  • Seamless replication of data in the background
  • Guarantees against data loss
  • Multi data centre solution
  • Secure locations
  • Combine with BGP for data routing
  • Supported by experienced provider
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Database replication

Database replication

Data synchronization between equally potent and secure locations where one can take over from the other at any time without losing data or transaction information. Through a safe connection between your MySQL or MSSQL databases and their copies, your information is replicated in the background without interrupting or affecting the performance of your regular activities.


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Data replication

Depending on the specifics of your project, our engineers will offer you a wide variety of solutions, including both hardware-based and software-based replication services. You can have SAN to SAN replication in separate locations, full or partial data replication, where maximum efficiency is reached by creating an original copy and maintaining it by replicating your actions on the server instead of transporting large quantities of sensitive data.

Data replication
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