Class A multi data center

A most secure location for the hosted data of your organization. A highly protected, well-equipped facility, housing thousands of machines, taken care of by experts with years of experience. Now multiply by two. We offer you access to not one, but two data centers that function as a single logical network. Doubled guarantee of high availability. You will be provided with more than enough resources and a redundant connection to route your traffic or to keep your backup. Our server premises are perfectly equipped according to the highest standards to ensure uninterrupted performance, connectivity and hardware perseverance.

  • Custom network and routing management
  • Lightning fast speed and redundant connection
  • No unexpected costs
  • Secure access in all locations
  • Power always guaranteed
  • Safe back-up and restoration
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High availability guarantees

High availability guarantees

A good backup strategy is a demonstration of smart strategizing. Failing to backup data is among the leading causes of large unexpected expenses for businesses. Do you need a fool-proof backup strategy? With us, even if a severe calamity should destroy an entire data center, your applications keep running in a safe location, miles away. Business continuity is guaranteed.


Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016

Independent and secure provider

We take care of the network and routing management independently from other external transit providers. Highly secure access procedures are applied in all locations as we do everything to keep intruders away. You are safe from all threats. Highly sensitive fire detectors are prepared to extinguish fires in case of the slightest spark. Air conditioning preserves your machines from the traces of time. Multiple power sources are available in case of power outage.

Independent and secure provider
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