Monitoring & Orchestration

Automatic scaling based on statistics

Usage statistics

Receive detailed statistics about your usage of OpenStack. Easily spot recurring trends, potential bottlenecks, etc. This is the basis for further optimising the performance of your OpenStack environment.

These statistics also provide you an overview of your monthly usage and avoid nasty surprises on your monthly invoice.

OpenStack - Monitoring
OpenStack - Warnings

Proactive notifications

You can sleep soundly. Thanks to resource monitoring, you automatically receive a notification when a server is about to run out of resources. Monitor disk usage, server load, memory, network I/O and available vCPUs
Use these results to automatically scale up your OpenStack environment and avoid problems. You can do this with Heat Orchestration.

Automatic scaling

Avoid downtime when a lot of people unexpectedly visit your website. Thanks to orchestration, you can automatically adapt your OpenStack environment to changing situations. Templates will help you determine how your cloud is built based on monitoring.
You can e.g. automatically start extra servers, load balancers, etc. in order to be able to handle that extra traffic.

OpenStack - Scaling
Matthias Dekeyser
Matthias Dekeyser OpenStack specialist

Start up servers and build your own cloud

Via the control panel or APIs, you can immediately add extra servers, load balancers, routers...
We provide various server configurations (both Linux and Windows) that allow you to expand your system endlessly.

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Matthias Dekeyser
Matthias Dekeyser OpenStack Specialist