Reusable templates

Create your own server templates

The fact that you can take a snapshot of your server and immediately save it as an image is a handy and very powerful feature of OpenStack.

You can use saved images as templates to quickly start new servers with the same specifications and possible self-installed software.

This will help you save a lot of time if you need to start multiple similar servers.

OpenStack - Warnings
OpenStack - Images database

Availability of an image database

In order to make your life even easier, we offer you images to start servers with the most common operating systems. Take your pick from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows or CoreOS.

On the Internet, you will also find lots of reusable images.

Keeping unlimited backups

Keep snapshots of your server as images to keep unlimited backups of your OpenStack environment.

Read more about backups and snapshots
OpenStack - Server snapshot backups
Matthias Dekeyser
Matthias Dekeyser OpenStack specialist

Start up servers and build your own cloud

Via the control panel or APIs, you can immediately add extra servers, load balancers, routers...
We provide various server configurations (both Linux and Windows) that allow you to expand your system endlessly.

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Matthias Dekeyser
Matthias Dekeyser OpenStack Specialist