High Availability for OpenStack

For the highest uptime guarantees

Fully redundant

Since you want to have a stable environment you can rely on at all times, each component of our OpenStack environment is redundant. This way, you no longer depend on a single element to keep everything working smoothly.
Thanks to this redundancy, there is a spare for each component in the event of a problem.

OpenStack - Monitoring
OpenStack - Automated server restart

Restarting automatically

Thanks to high availability technology, our system is capable of detecting problems automatically and switching to a spare component without delay.
If, for example, the server on which your application is running fails, it is automatically restarted on another node, so that downtime is reduced to the absolute minimum.

Start up servers and build your own cloud

Via the control panel or APIs, you can immediately add extra servers, load balancers, routers...
We provide various server configurations (both Linux and Windows) that allow you to expand your system endlessly.

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Right now, you will only pay a setup fee of € 45.54.

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Matthias Dekeyser
Matthias Dekeyser OpenStack Specialist